The Voice 2021 Season 20 Top 9 Song Spoilers, Performances

The Voice 2021 Season 20 Top 9 Song Spoilers

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The Top 9 finalists, which includes Gihanna Zoe, Pia Renee, Jordan Matthew Young, Corey Ward, Dana Monique, John Solomon, Rachel Mac, Cam Anthony and Kenzie Wheeler will performing tonigt on the Voice 20 Top 9

The Voice 2021 Season 20 Top 9 Song Spoilers

Kenzie Wheeler performs He Stopped Loving Her Today : Itunes Download 

Victor Solomon sings I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe: Itunes Download 

He’s a celebrity now on the campus where he teaches. Victor chose his own song. Tonight, Victor will honor his church background. Him mom has been asking about Gospel music week after week. Now she’s happy. Victor, showing another side of himself in such a powerful way, should help him into the finale. He’s got the full gospel choir. This is certainly the right song at exactly the right time. Kelly calls it “so beautiful….you’re so moving, you have such a gift.” Nick says, “You brought me right back to church….Team Legend is showing up.” John appreciates his versatility and thinks he has it in him to be a minister if he wants.

“I’m just a working class musician,” I wish he’d stop that. His parents own their own business. He may work with his hands, but he’s hardly working class. Having said that! Blake saved his last week instead of Anna Grace. Go figure. His dad grew up on a farm, an listened to country, while Jordan has played lots of different genres. Blake feels that Jordan’s soulful sound is very marketable. This is actually a good song choice for Jordan, as far as being a match for his voice. However, Kenzie will probably soak up the country vote tonight. Kelly called the song “perfect.” She compares him to Travis Tritt. Blake compliments his “incredible” job.

Jordan Matthew Young  sings Rose Colored Glasses: Itunes Download 

Corey Ward sings sings Arcade : Itunes Download 

Cam Anthon sings It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday: Itunes Download 

Blake thinks Cam has a heart of gold, and it comes through. Cam chose the song. It reminds him of he grandfather and uncle, who passed away in 2018.  He begins a cappella. His intonation is perfect. Really, Cam is a superb singer. His phrasing is gorgeous. So simple, yet evocative. He should have closed the show with that. John is shouting, he’s so impressed. He calls sthe song a test for a vocalist. “You knocked it out of the park.” Kelly calls it incredible. “That was brilliant,” she says. “This guy’s a superstar,” says Blake.

Gihanna Zoe performs Reflection : Itunes Download 


Pia Renee – TBA

Corey Ward sings  Arcade : Itunes Download 

Dana Monique sings Leave The Door Open: Itunes Download 

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