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The Voice 2019 Season 17 The Blind Auditions

The Blind Auditions reveal a surprising new voice to Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Watch the season premiere of The Voice, Monday, September 23 at 8/7c on NBC.

James Violet Sings "Sweet Creature" on The Voice 17 Blind Auditions

James Violet – 20 – Syracuse UT – Sweet Creature by Harry Styles – He’s been told his voice sounds “buttery.” He’s been growing his hair for five years. He’s a man bun dude. He loves thrift shopping. Utah is beautiful, but he moved to Los Angeles to follow is musical dreams.

Eventually he decided to go back home to Utah. The industry is too cutthroat! I don’t know if I’d describe his voice as “buttery,” but his tone is distinct. VERY pretty. Kelly hits her button first. When he does a few cool vocal runs at the end, Blake and Gwen turn. Gwen wonders if he’s a songwriter. He is. She calls his voice “soothing and relaxed.” She never heard that record? Really? Kelly chimes in. She totally knows it. She calls his voice “a nice glass of wine.

” When Blake says his voice takes him out to the woods, Kelly makes a Deliverance reference. Random! These antics are verging on the bizarre. Mini cliff hanger! After the break we learn James Picks Gwen. Gwen thinks her pitch went off the rails, but less so than the others. She has a point.

Dane & Stephanie – 21 Bloomfield NJ – Angela – Twin Brother and sister are duo. They were super close as kids. Oh. Dane is a transgender man. Stephanie supported him. No matter what. “He deserves to be happy, no matter what,” she says. His family is also really supportive! Dane’s voice is still changing from hormones, he says. They have a Tegan and Sara vibe. A little. Nice, sweet harmonies. John hits his button, Blake is next. PICK JOHN. He loved the blend of their harmonies. He has directed choirs and would love to have a duo on his team. Blake admits to being clueless, but mentions he brought a duo to the finale (The Swon Brothers FYI). Wisely, Dane & Stephanie Pick John

Injoy Fountain – 29 – Wichita KS – 7 Rings by Ariana Grande – She’s a single mother hoping to get a spot. She thanks “Pat Smith” who raised her. Her mother was only 16 at her birth. After she graduated from school, she auditioned for Rent and performed in Scotland. She came back to New York and found out she was pregnant. She’s singing the rap parts. It’s so dicey to do both parts. But she’s a pretty good rapper, actually. Finally getting her rapper, Kelly turns, followed by Gwen. Gwen mentioned she mashed up a Sound of Music song once. Injoy has her record. Kelly frowns. heh. Blake jokes that he does the song in his show. Kelly calls it “infectious.” Injoy Picks Kelly

Jordan Chase – 19 – Pensacola FL – Makin’ Me Look Good Again – For some reason, the camera keeps Jordan in the dark as he begins singing with no biographical information at all. He has a soulful raspy voice. Nice, but nothing special. Hm. Blake hits his button, followed by Gwen at the last minute. So the thing is, Gwen will hit her button last minute if Blake is the only turn. Because the producers probably told her to. He grew up in New Orleans, but after Hurricane Katrina, they had to move away. After Jordan was depressed, a dog named Toby helped. Then, music was his escape. He’s been on Youtube for 11 months, and according to Jordan it “took off.” Gwen babbles on about knowing what it’s like to be a 19 year old boy (???). Kelly can’t stop laughing. In the end, Jordan Picks Blake

Alex Guthrie – Love and Happiness  – Age 25 from Marietta, GA plays guitar and was in a commercial with former The Voice coach Jennifer Hudson.   It takes a bit, but Kelly and Gwen eventually turn. Kelly’s waiting for a glory note. She finally gets one, sorta. Alex has a solid blues voice, but it doesn’t pop. He does voice work and background singing for a living. He’s used to blending into the background.    Gwen says she knows how to work with someone like him–she can help him organize his versatility. Alex Picks Team Kelly. Alex also opened for Kelly a few years ago (they didn’t meet) so he had to pick her. After, Kelly chats with Jennifer on the phone, who seems to remember him very well. She says hi to the rest of the crew. 

Will Breman was up next for his chance at joining a team. Living with Asperger’s has made the social aspect of life hard for Will, but music, as it does for a lot of artists, helps him get through that. He decided to rearrange the Spice Girls classic “Say You’ll Be There” into a chill vibe rock song that caught the attention of John first, followed quickly by Gwen. Both Kelly and Blake sat this one out. All the coaches loved his take on the song that everybody knows, but it was basically a done deal once Will proclaimed John as one of his major influences and then sang his song “Ordinary People” with him! Yep, so Will easily chose to join Team John.

Rose Short – Preach by John Legend – Age 34 from Killeen,Texas. Rose was a correction officer for 8 years. At times, she was in dangerous situations. The job was hard. She quit! She’d rather perform. She’s close to her family. They’re all here to LOUDLY support her. She’s not afraid to cover John and is confident she’ll do it justice.  Kelly and Gwen turn. Kelly tries hard to get her. Blake makes a joke that she sits in Adam Levine’s old chair, which is possessed.  When Rose hits the chorus, Kelly hits her button. The singer has a big voice, but it’s generic and a bit paint by numbers. Gwen calls her voice “ridiculous” yet “tasteful.” Gwen thinks she’d learn a lot from HER. Kelly says she “annihilated” the original singer, and then remembers who she was covering. oops. “You could win this show,” Kelly says, TOTALLY overselling this woman’s talent. John assures her she slayed the song, but overthinks anytime a hopeful covers his songs. Blake jokes that she’s in Adam’s old chair which is “possessed.” Gwen promises to help her “find” her personality. That’s actually a good pitch. Rose needs to find something unique. And…”I’ve been rocking with this lady, she didn’t even know it,” says Rose.   Rose picks Team Gwen.

Brennan Lassiter – You Are My Sunshine – Age 20 Country singer from South Carolina sings in church and was raised by her grandparents. Her parents were young and “unfit” to take care of her. She sings a countrified version of the song. It’s a four chair turn. Blake hit his button first. I SHOULD HAVE BLOCKED says Kelly after hitting her button. Brennan sings a slow, bluesy, country tinged version of the song. She’s got an incredible range and a lovely tone. She’s Danielle Bradbery, with maturity and soul.  Kelly BEGS Brennan to pick her while waving her artist around.

She reminds her that she won with Chevel Shepherd, a country artist.  If Brennan chooses Gwen, she’ll get her and boyfriend Blake, she says. John doesn’t try that hard–“I can help you fulfill your potential” he says. Blake talks up his fellow coaches and says, “They know as much about country music as I do a pap smear.” Hm. Brennan admits that she’s never performed outside of church. MORE BEGGING FROM KELLY. Gwen tries to sweet talk Blake into giving her up. But in the end Brennan picks Team Kelly.

Jay Miah – Never Enough from The Greatest Showman – Age 30 from Tampa, Florida. Jay is a drag queen and does drag bingo on the weekend. However, here, he does not perform in drag. His natural singing voice is higher than most males. But he feels that The Voice is a place that will accept him.  He has a pretty falsetto, but he seems very nervous.

He doesn’t have a strong chest voice. This song requires the ability to hit that GIANT GLORY NOTE and he misses. There are pitch problems everywhere. Nobody hits their button, unsurprisingly. Oh. When Kelly discovers this singer is male, she begins slapping her button. “You have an incredible gift,” she says. Gwen is sorry as well. Blake notes that the song’s range pulled him apart. True. The song pick was too ambitious. They urge him to come back  – NO TURNS

Jake HaldenVang – Wish I Knew You – Age 24 from Charlotte NC. He’s played rock music all of his life. A guitar player, he used to be in a band with his dad and they played all over the country. They played for 3 or 4 years together. Then he went solo and played in a blues rock band. Right off the bat, he hits the guitar strings. He’s a skilled guitar player and a good rock singer, if old fashioned. He starts off in a high high falsetto.

Grab attention right off the bat-smart!  Jake’s got great range, beautiful tone. Gwen, John and Blake turn. Blake thanks him for rocking. Kelly and Gwen thought he was a woman at first. She heard his nerves, as a fellow rock singer, she can help him, she says. John reminds him that he’s the current winner. Blake LOVES his growly chest voice. He’s country, but has won the show with a rock artist. Kelly, who didn’t turn, advocates for Gwen. Jake picks Team Gwen He was clearly enamored with her, so no surprise. 

Katie Kadan performs "Baby I Love You" during The Voice Blind Auditions.

NBC released this Blind Audition as a preview. Of course, because she’s a good singer–Katie sings with a strong, muscular throaty alto. She’s like a force of nature. But it’s a first pick because she’s a four chair turn AND Blake blocks Kelly, who is the obvious choice for the singer. It’s the usual thing–Kelly doesn’t notice at first.

Brennan Lassiter Sings You Are My Sunshine – The Voice Season 17 Blind Auditions

Then she freaks out when she finds out. Blake blames John, of course. “I’m going to take you down, Shelton,” Kelly cries, indignantly. We’ve seen this narrative before! John calls her performance raw, thrilling, and full of fire. “You’re perfect for this show,” he says. Gwen compares her to CeeLo. Kelly calls her a revamp of “actual talent.” Blake’s pitch to Katie is pretty weak, “I’ve been to Chicago!” Gwen says, “I can help you be you.” Kelly urges her to choose either Gwen or John.

And in the end, Katie picks John. Smart choice. Kelly promises to block a talented country singer from choosing Blake.

The amazingly talented Gwen Stefani is back for Season 17! Gwen and the other coaches talk about how excited they are for her return, as well as tease fun upcoming Gwen moments from Season 17.

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