Top 10 The Voice 2019 season 17 Contestants, Performances Live

The Voice Season 17 Finale Results Live Blog – Winner Revealed!

The Voice 2019 season 17 Contestants

Who won The Voice 17? Now that viewers have voted for their favorites, The Voice season 17 winner will be revealed. Who will take the crown? Will it be Jake Hoot, Ricky Duran , Katie Kadan, or Rose Short? We find out tonight, amid a ton of guest stars, including Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Season 16 winner Maelyn Jarmon, Lady Antebellum and more. Coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani and John Legend will be on hand, along with host Carson Daly.


Results: The four finalists take the stage. ARGH DUMB QUESTIONS. C’mon Carson, just tell us who won. The artist in FOURTH PLACE is…Rose Short. The artist in 3rd place is….Katie Kadan!!!! After a break, it’s time to reveal the winner. And the WINNER OF THE VOICE IS JAKE HOOT! My finale prediction? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! Not that it was so hard to figure out.

Kelly Clarkson has won her THIRD season. And she’s only coached four seasons. She’s won 75% of her seasons coaching the show. In that regard, she is the winningest coach in the history of The Voice right now. Blake Shelton’s last triumph was Season 13 winner, Chloe Kohanski. Kelly and John have been Blake’s worst nightmare!

As I mentioned in another post. Jake Hoot is *The Voice’s FIRST one chair turn winner. Blake must be kicking himself for not turning. Oh well. Blake’s team member, Ricky Duran, nabbed. 2nd place! That’s Blake’s life now. The perennial 2nd place finisher. Heh.

*Season 12 winner Chris Blue is technically a one chair turn. However, only his coach Alicia Keys was available when he auditioned last.


4th place – Rose Short
3rd place – Katie Kadan
2nd place – Ricky Duran
WINNER – Jake Hoot

Blake sticks a Christmas tree star on top of Carson’s head. So fetching! The show kicks off with Alex Guthrie, Will Breman, Max Boyle and Shane Q singing “Give Me Some Lovin” MAX WAS ROBBED Y’ALL.

Next, it’s country music group Lady Antebellum with their latest single, “What If I Never Get Over You.” Nice harmonies! Group member, Charles Kelley co-wrote Ricky’s original song, “A Woman Like Her.”

Kelly is the focus of the next video package. SHE’S SUCH A MOM. She drives her Voice kids crazy as she helicopters all around!

Kelly is the focus of the next video package. SHE’S SUCH A MOM. She drives her Voice kids crazy as she helicopters all around!

Next, it’s The Black Eyed Peas ft J. Balvin and LED dance group Illuminate (the competed on America’s Got Talent) performing the group’s new song “RITMO.”’s disembodied head singing at me is kinda creeping me out.

A clip introduces Top 4 singer, Katie Kaden. “Everybody Loves Katie,” says her coach John. And NOW Katie joins American Idol alum Adam Lambert. YAY! They sing his Cher cover “Believe.” Two powerhouse vocalists, TOGETHER. This duet is so lovely. Adam is so good about giving his duet partners space to do their thing.

SO MANY American Idol alums lighting up The Voice stage. THREE tonight. Adam Lambert (S8), Jennifer Hudson (S3) and, of course, Kelly Clarkson (OG!).

Next, Kat Hammock, Marybeth Byrd, Calli Wilson and Gracee Shriver sing “Neon Moon.” by Brooks & Dunn. Very nice, very nice!

The Voice Season 17 Finale Top 4 Song Spoilers

Rose Short performs My Gift Is You for her the Voice performance tonight


Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – Steamroller by Rose Short (written by Kelleigh Bannen, Scott Stepakoff & Jason Massey) – STREAM

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – Border Song by Elton John  – STREAM

Jake & Kelly Clarkson Perform Wintersong on the Voice Finale


Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Better Off by Jake Hoot (written by Jacob Matthew Hoot & David Allan Pahanish) – STREAM

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Amazed by Lonestar – STREAM

Ricky Duran & Blake Shelton Performs Run Rudolph Run on The Voice Finale


Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – A Woman Like Her by Ricky Duran (written by Charles Kelley, Eric Paslay & Laura Jeanne Veltz) – STREAM

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – STREAM

Katie Kadan & John Legend performs Merry Christmas Baby


Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – All Better by Katie Kadan (written by Andrew Wells, Katie Pearlman & Audra Mae Butts ) – STREAM

Katie Kadan– Team John Legend – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith (!!!) – STREAM

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – Border Song by Elton John  – The two talk about their connection. Rose truly believes Gwen is the best coach for her. Carson LOVES Rose’s lively family. She talks about how abusive the prison guard job could be. She feels released. Foreigner noted her performance of their song “I Wanna Know What Love Is” on social media. Rose is performing the Aretha Franklin version of “Border Song.” This is SUCH A GREAT SONG. It’s one of my favorite EJ songs. It’s a rousing, soulful performance. The perfect way to end the show. She deserves the pimp spot! This makes up for that mediocre original song. John calls it a “beautiful message for the final song. That was very special.” Gwen believes Rose has known exactly what she wanted to do on this journey, says Gwen. But God added a little extra drop of cool and talent, when it comes to Rose, she says. Gwen begs America to vote for Rose.

Team Blake Shelton – A Woman Like Her by Ricky Duran (written by Charles Kelley, Eric Paslay & Laura Jeanne Veltz) – Ricky thinks the song is an authentic representation of who he wants to be. He compares the storytelling to something Dyland would do. Blake mentions the country writers on the song. He’s just hinting! As a woman, I find these lyrics kind of condescending. Men looking for their manic pixie dream is not my thing. But the melody is beautiful. Ricky shines on songs that allow him to connect. In that regard, this song is a good pick for him. Ricky reminds Kelly of Bruce Springsteen. “Such a perfect song,” she says. John is jealous he wasn’t pitched the song. He thinks it will be the most streamed original song of the night. Wow. Blake believes it’s the best performance of his entire run. Naw, that was Let it Be last week. Blake begs America to vote for Ricky. Fun fact: Charles Kelley is a member of Lady Antebellum, performing tomorrow

Katie Kadan– Team John Legend – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith – THIS SONG REALLY C’MON. The most overdone song on singing show. John promised fans a ballad, and this is it. Oh well. At least it’s not “Hallelujah.” – Katie grew up in a Pentecostal church. She was 30 before she took the stage for real. John made sure songwriter Diane Warren will be watching tonight. Katie pushes her way through the song’s treacly sentiment. I am unmoved. Pro tip: Singing loud doesn’t improve this song. Her original should have been her last song. The crowd won’t stop yelling. Blake calls her “unbelievable” and “there’s nothing else to say.” John is honored to work with her. “You’ve just been incredible every single time…magical working with you.” 

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Amazed by Lonestar – Yes, Jake is a one chair turn, which is amazing. Carson brings up Jake’s amazing chart success on the show. Desperado was No. 1 overall on iTunes. Katie calls Amazed “such a finale song.” Jake’s girlfriend is in the audience. He’s a missionary kid. I’m surprised he didn’t go Christian for the finale. Jake is wrapping up really early. It’s 9:21 and he’s done. Will it hurt his chances? He’s delivering a crowd pleasing performance here. Jake’s vocals are reliably strong. Actually, everyone left on the show are confident singers. Gwen loves his familiar and comforting voice. “I love you Jake Hoot,” exclaims Kelly. She calls him subtle, classic, magical. 

Rose Short & Gwen Stefani – My Gift is You by Gwen Stefani – It’s the first Christmas song Gwen has ever written. Gwen notes their wildly differing styles. They do a 60’s set piece. It’s a cute set up. So Gwen chooses her own song, which allows her to shine, rather than her team member. On the studio version, Rose recedes into the background. My eyes are rolling. 

Jake Hoot & Kelly Clarkson – Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan – Jake reveals that he’s a big opera fan! He almost studied it in school! They both love Christmas. Team Kake! Or Team Jelly. I’m not really loving this as a country song? It’s not meant for a twang. Jake does hit an amazing high note, though. It’s a beautiful song, backed by strings and a harp. Kelly sounds lovely. 

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – All Better by Katie Kadan (written by Andrew Wells, Katie Pearlman & Audra Mae Butts ) – Katie is excited to be recording at Capitol studios. The songwriters have worked for Kelly and Christina Aguilera in the past. Katie says The Voice experience has given her “more confidence.”  This song is a good fit for Katie. It’s the best original song so far, by SEVERAL MILES. Katie is delivering a fierce, sexy, gutsy performance. It’s one of her best of the season. Kelly says, “OMG, you better go with that sexy vibe!” John says, “You sell that song so beautifully…you are all better!”  

Ricky is being joined by his coach Blake for a rock and roll duet of “Run, Run Rudolph!” by Chuck Berry. They begin the performance jamming on their guitars before launching into southern, country soul and getting the crowd on its feet. It’s a fun performance that should inspire some Blake fans to throw their votes in Ricky’s direction.

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – Steamroller by Rose Short (written by Kelleigh Bannen, Scott Stepakoff & Jason Massey) – Gwen has recorded a lot in that studio. She can’t wait to get Rose in the booth. “This is literally my life,” says Rose. Gwen swears she couldn’t have done something like The Voice, but she’s happy to live through it with Rose. I don’t love this song. Singing show contestants end up with songs writers couldn’t sell to anyone else. The songwriters may be high profile, but it’s not their best work. Rose finishes the song with some delicious adlibs. She can sing, that’s for sure. Blake thinks it’s the best pairing of an artist and original song. He thinks it really showcased her voice. Gwen could see her enjoying the moment. STREAM

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – All Better by Katie Kadan (written by Andrew Wells, Katie Pearlman & Audra Mae Butts ) – STREAM
Katie Kadan– Team John Legend – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith (!!!) – STREAM

Merry Christmas Baby by Otis Redding  – I didn’t know what to expect from a duet between these two. Their musical styles are very different. But this is pretty great! John steps aside, allowing Katie to do her thing. They do a fun little dance during the instrumental break –  John performed the song on tour last year. Stream 

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Better Off by Jake Hoot (written by Jacob Matthew Hoot & David Allan Pahanish) – Kelly and Jake chat about his self-penned original song. He’s the only finalist to record and perform his own song. Jake wrote it about his divorce. Kelly calls it “catchy and relatable.” Hm… This song is just…Ok. It’s got a catchy chorus, I’ll give it that. But I bet his “Amazed” cover charts higher. Just sayin’. Sidenote: These lyrics are kinda bitter! Whoa. His little daughter in the audience hearing “I’m better off without you.” Dang. Gwen has enjoyed him growing relaxed on stage. Kelly calls him “super humble.” She says, “You always put yourself on the back burner.” She loves that he had the opportunity to showcase his writing.  – STREAM

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Blake says everybody wants to know about Ricky. The singer loved having a No. 2 song. Blake praises Ricky as a great guitar player and singer. Blake loves the song pick for the Ricky, because it’s his story right now. Ricky’s mom’s dying wish for him was to reach his musical dreams. Blake instructs: You have to get mad at the song! He has a point. Ricky needs a fire lit under him. This isn’t really a singer’s song. It’s a great song, but the melody doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s all about that driving guitar riff. The best part of the song, when he plays lead guitar!  Great performance, but not so much a showcase for his vocals. Kelly calls it her favorite finale. She likes that everybody has their own niche. John thinks it’s cool to have classic rock on the show, he calls the performance “vital, vibrant.” Blake says, “You never let any of us down.” Blake says he was nervous about hitting the high notes, but he got the job done!    STREAM

Top 4

Katie Kaden – Team Legend

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Jake Hoot – Team Kelly

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Ricky Duran – Team Blake

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Rose Short – Team Gwen – America Saved

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Will Breman – Team Legend
Marybeth Byrd – Team Legend

Hello Sunday – Team Kelly – Lost Instant Save
Kat Hammock – Team Blake – Lost Instant Save

Tonight is the dreaded blood bath. FOUR of the EIGHT finalists will leave the competition. Here is how it works: The Top 3 advance instantly to the final. The fourth, fifth and sixth place artists sing for the save. The bottom two are eliminated without singing. The winner of the Instant Save moves on to the final.
The show kicks off with Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins singing their song “Hell Right.” Wow. This is a terrible song. Country cliches are so cliched. Bleh.

Results: The Top 8 take the stage! DUMB QUESTIONSSSS. Ricky Duran has a message for his sisters. He loves them. They are watching back in Worcester. Marybeth Byrd has learned to always stay true to herself. She will give her lord and savior all the honor and glory. OK then. Your first finalist is…Katie Kaden! Good for her!

And now it’s Tones and I singing her hit song “Dance Monkey.” Yes. It’s one person. And people make fun of Alejandro Aranda’s moniker Scarypoolparty. Her voice is way too stylized for me to enjoy, to be honest.

Next, it’s a a video clip of Kelly Clarkson attempting to learn Spanish. She’s struggling a bit! Then Luis Fonsi, who is a La Voz coach. shows up to give Kelly a personal lesson. So, all that was a set up to pimp La Voz season two, which airs on the Comcast network, Telemundo starting January 19.

Results: The remaining 7 artists take the stage. Kat says just a few month ago, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. Blake helped her figure it out. The second finalist is…Jake Hoot!

Next, it’s season 14 alum Kaleb Lee, joined by Kelly Clarkson to sing “I Dream in Southern.” I’ts Kaleb’s new song featuring Kelly on harmonies. Good for Kelly sticking by her team members after they leave the show.

Results: The remaining SIX artists take the stage. Kelly helped Hello Sunday build their confidence. And all that matters is giving 110%. Your third finalist is…Ricky Duran! Of course.

Results: The FIVE remaining artists take the stage. Will has looked up to John, his coach for more than a decade. Aw. He gets teary talking about him. Rose has learned how to be less critical of herself. God gave her talent and it’s perfect, she says. Carson announces the 4th, 5th and 6th place finishers in no particular order: Hello Sunday, Kat Hammock and Rose Short will SING FOR THE INSTANT SAVE. Will Breman and Marybeth Byrd are eliminated.

Hello Sunday – Chandelier by Sia – Oh man. This song is so out of this young duo’s league. Gotta give them props for swinging for the fences. This is the time to do it. As usual, lots of pitchy stuff, wonky harmonies, etc. Kelly is on her feet. “YOU ARE 14 YEARS OLD!” Kelly yells. Yes WE KNOW.

Kat Hammock – You’ve Got a Friend by Carole King – Kat is scooping all over the place. She delivers her usual sleepy, pitchy performance. It’s like she’s not even trying. Blake calls the competition tough, but nevertheless, “You have a record to make…your journey with me has not ended.” He is actually acknowledging that she will lose.

Rose Short – You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman – …Because Rose is about to raise the roof right here, and Blake knows it. And indeed, she does. This isn’t even a contest. Gwen is wiping away tears. “Obviously America that was ridiculous! That was magical.”

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – Let it Be by The Beatles – Ricky chose the song because his family sang it together. Both his parents have passed–it’s a healing song for his family. Ricky tears up sharing his feelings about the song. It’s like his mother, who died of cancer, comforting him. Now, this is the right song at the right time. It’s also a bit of a departure from his previous repertoire. He’s playing both piano and guitar. It’s the most passionate performance from Ricky so far. He needed a performance like this! Ok I’m tearing up a little wow. Blake calls it the vocal performance of Ricky’s life. Ohh. Running short on time. Nobody else comments. Stream


Hello Sunday- Team Kelly’s young duo Hello Sunday is up next and they’ll be singing “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder. Kelly is floored by their ambitious song choice and wants to make sure they nail the vocals. On stage they’re surrounded by other teenage performers dancing and playing instruments. They begin softly before the groove starts and the harmonies kick in. There is quite a bit going on with the staging and it almost feels like they’re at a block party. Vocally they’re pulling out all the tricks they can but I’m not sure this was the best song choice. They incorporate a cute dance routine but this isn’t my favorite performance of theirs. The coaches love it though as all are on their feet to applaud these adorable teenagers. John loves their competitive edge and Kelly called this the perfect song at the perfect time. Stream


Marybeth Byrd – Team John Legend – Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood – John wonders if Marybeth got in trouble last week because she strayed from country. YA THINK JOHN? YA THINK? Marybeth explains that she loves all kinds of music, but in her Arkansas hometown, country is huge. I agree with John, but Before He Cheats? Really? John wants America to see her “sassy” side. Hm. A Brandi Carlile cover or similar would have been a smart choice. There are even better Carrie Underwood songs. Sigh. This is OK, but it’s not going to get Marybeth across the finish line. She’s a really good singer, but John isn’t picking the right songs for her. Blake notes the song was hard to sing. “Personally” he likes the country stuff better. He should have been her coach. John calls it her best vocal performance so far. Stream

Ricky Duran and Will Breman – Your Love by the Outfield – Duran Bernan would be their 80’s name. Ha ha ha. They are both playing guitar. This song is well suited to Ricky. But hey, Will is totally holding his own here. He’s actually got a classic 80’s voice. The harmonies a little wonky, but overall, this duet is exceeding my expectations. The solo parts are pretty great. Ricky and Will both play a few lead guitar licks. Fun performance.  Stream 

Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – Somewhere Only We Know by Keane  – A year ago, Katie worked as a busser in a restaurant. She planned to attend Villa Nova college. Blake wants Kat to stay in her chest voice. Blake should spend time helping Kat with dynamics and pitch. Her performances always feel low energy.


I think that’s what Blake meant when he asked her to stay in full voice. But I don’t think she actually took that advice? Her pitch is better this week though. Kelly calls her special and her voice “touching.” Gwen calls Kat gifted. “You need to make records,” she says. Blake calls it her most powerful vocal performance. Stream 


Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – Lady Marmalade by Labelle – If Katie makes the finale, she’ll sing a ballad, he says. John suggests a “breakdown” verse allowing Katie to be “sassy and intimate.” He demonstrates by beat boxing! Katie says she’s learned more on The Voice than she has in eight years of gigging. I don’t know about this song choice. She’s doing the song justice, but it’s a predictable choice. She should have performed a ballad THIS week. Although, the bridge allows her to add original riffs. Still, I love her confidence and swagger. She’s an incredible performer. Kelly says she’s “fun to watch.” It’s Gwen’s favorite “Katie performance.” She loves Katie’s recognizable style. John calls her a superstar. “We don’t deserve you, Katie,” he says. “You own every performance…you already deserve awards.. –  STREAM

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The Voice 17 Top 8 Song Spoilers – What Will the Contestants Sing?

1.Jake Hoot sings Desperado : Stream 

2.Hello Sunday sing Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing : Stream 

3,Ricky Duran  sings Let It Be : Stream

4.Kat Hammock sings Somewhere Only We Know : Stream 

5. Rose Short sings I Want To Know What Love Is : Stream 

6. Will Breman sings Locked Out of Heaven : Stream 

7. Marybeth Byrd  sings Before He Cheats : Stream

8. Katie Kadan sings Lady Marmalade by Labelle STREAM

Song list:

Jake Hoot Itunes Download

Katie Kadan Itunes Download

Rose short Itunes Download

Joana Martinez  Itunes Download

Shane Q The Itunes Download

Hello Sunday Itunes Download

Kat Hammock Itunes Download

Marybeth Byrd Itunes Download

Will Breman Itunes Download

America INSTANTLY SAVED Marybeth Byrd! Shane Q and Joana Martinez are eliminated.

Top 8

Will Bremen – Team Legend
Rose Short – Team Gwen
Ricky Duran – Team Blake
Kady Kadan – Team Legend
Jake Hoot – Team Kelly
Hello Sunday – Team Kelly
Kat Hammock – Team Blake
Marybeth Byrd – Team Legend – America Saved


Shane Q – Team Kelly
Joana Martinez – Team Legend

RESULTS: The Top 10 take the stage right away. DUMMMB QUESSSTIONS! Will hit his knee during his performance. He had to ice it down. OUCH. It felt good to Ryan paying homage to his father. He’s happy to show his blues influences to America. In NO particular order. Guess he gets crap about that on Twitter. America saved…from Team Legend…Will Breman! YAYYYYYY. America also saved…from Team Gwen…Rose Short! Yippee! My two favs are SAFE. 

Now, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson sing their controversial updated version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Time for Twitter trolls TO GET MAD ALL OVER AGAIN! Cry more, why don’t you. Two world class vocalists join forces!

Next, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman pimp their NBC craft show, Making It. Ha. They build new “artisanal handcrafted” chairs for the coaches. It’s a wooden kitchen chair. With a doily covering the seat.  Amy busts out into “And I am Telling You” That was a cute bit. 

Results: The remaining 8 artists take the stage. Marybeth Byrd made great friendships. “We all love each other so much,” she says. “One of the greatest blessings God has given me.” Moving on to the Top 8 would be a dream come true for Jake Hoot. America saved…from Team Blake…Ricky Duran!

Now, Meghan Trainor and Mike Sabath perform her new single “Wave.” Look at this white rapper dude with 70s hair and moustache. He’s wearing aviators and overalls. Huh. 

Results: The remaining 7 artists take the stage.  Hello Sunday have grown even closer–almost magical! The deeply and truly care about each other! Shane’s dad would play music around the house and really loves that Billy Ocean song. America saved…from Team Legend…Kady Kadan! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Jake Hoot

Results: The 5 remaining artists take the stage. Joana Martinez thanks her siblings for having her back. She misses them! Blakes positivity and help is really why Kat Hammock is still here, she says. America saved…Hello Sunday! America also saved…Kat Hammock.  Bottom 3: Marybeth Byrd, Shane Q, Joana Martinez. OK then. I predicted the bottom 3 100% correctly. I can’t imagine Marybeth won’t win the Instant Save. 


Shane Q – Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack – Another bad song choice. He looks defeated tonight. Pitch problems galore. He sounds like he inhaled a bunch of helium. That was rough. Bye Shane. Blake liked the song choice. He’s surprised to see him there. Who would have taken his place, Blake. Kelly is also shocked. OK then. She calls his voice “incredible.” She hopes America votes for him. 

Joana Martinez – Somebody I Used to Know – HOO BOY she’s totally off key. PAINFULLY PAINFULLY off key. This is a weird, weird song choice. C’mon. You’re saving your life here. Pick a song that hits people in the gut. And that you can sing in key. Joana has had some very good performances. But this isn’t it. “You’re still team Blake to me in my mind,” he says. He harps on her age again. Gwen thinks America watched her grow right on stage. “America needs to vote!”

Marybeth Byrd – You Are the Reason by Leona Lewis – Marybeth would have to utterly bomb to lose this contest. I don’t love this song pick, but she’s got this. The last chorus is absolutely beautiful. So tender. Marybeth brought so much emotion to that performance. John is so proud of Marybeth. “You’ve given some of your best performances this week. I want America to reward that.”

Will Breman – Team John Legend – My Body by Young the Giant  – John accompanied his team members as they rehearsed at his house. The song brings Will back to high school. He performed in a metal screamo band. I’m pretty excited for this performance. It’s a PERFECT song pick for Will. Joyful, and celebratory, the rolling melody allows Will to give his all. At one point, he screams “LET’S GO!” It’s not an incredible vocal moment. But it’s so genuine. He feels this. Ricky could take a few lessons here. Will ends the song, running around the song like he can’t imagine being anywhere else. So that was pretty great. “You just let me know where you’re playing, I’m going to show up,” says Kelly, “It was like your show and everyone opened up for you. Gwen says, “The music lives inside of you…you have to get it out!” That’s why he’s great! It’s John’s favorite performance, “You just slayed it…masterful

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Hello Sunday – Team Kelly Clarkson – Stone Cold by Demi Lovato – Kelly thinks Demi’s song is dark for 14 year olds. YES. However, one of the girls has Diabetes. She has to check her blood 6 times a day. It’s about overcoming. Her friend is there to support. Their rehearsal has Kelly in tears. Contrary to conventional wisdom, 14 year old can connect emotionally, Kelly says. “We can show America we’re kids, but we go through things too.” The band is overpowering! The gal on the left who shared her diabetes story, is really feeling the song. Her solos really stand out. The harmonies not so much. Also, it gets pretty shouty at the end. They end by dissolving into tears and hugging. Kelly is crying too. She calls it “so beautiful.” and “well done.” Apparently their session that day was very emotional. –  STREAM

Oh. Will has the pimp spot!

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton –  Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King (Cream) – The song speaks to him. After losing his parents, the song was a form of healing. Blake reminds him to find a place to hit a  big note. “This is The Voice!” Blake reminds him. Also, Blake reminds viewers that Ricky is an incredible guitar player. “He’s literally is going to fry the face off of your skull.” His dad introduced him to Blues. They used to play a lot of Albert King together. He is a solid guitar player and purveyor of the blues. His vocals are sturdy and strong. But I keep waiting for some excitement. A great blues performance sets the stage on fire. I just don’t feel that from Ricky. John calls him incredible. He wanted him on his team. “I’m truly a fan of yours.” Blake wants everyone at home to watch the performance again, and try to find anything that’s NOT MAGICA. “This guy deserves to be in the finale!” he says. –  STREAM

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – Rolling in the Deep by Adele – “Music is the life blood of any place I live,” John tells his team as they sit around his living room. His first job in a music store. After college, he worked as a management consultant. Katie worked as a telemarketer. John feels this is her moment, and she’s seizing it. Katie becomes emotional about how bad she felt about herself at one time. But now she feels, “I can be me.” I was so sick of this song at one time. “Rolling in the Deep” has been sung to death on singing shows. This is a solid rendition, albeit too growly for my tastes. However, can’t deny that Katie gets up there and does her own thing without holding back. Blake started creating conspiracy theories in his head, “She can’t be that good! This is a set up deal!” Kelly says, “You are so unique. You light a fire, you make everyone happy.” She loves the growl. John’s visiting family only wanted to meet Katie! At Target in Palm Springs, a lady approached him about….Katie

Itunes Stream

Joana Martinez – Team Gwen Stefani – Impossible by Christina Aguilera – She’s the youngest of four siblings. “It’s either going to be a really good kill or a really bad kill. But it will be killed, she tells her siblings on the phone. The song was written by Alicia Keys–Gwen says the song is about vocal olympics, revealing them at the right time. Gwen advises Joana to be THEATRICAL. This is a good song choice for Joana. Her attempts to show “theatricality” feel a bit…inorganic. But vocally she’s showing off that warm alto without oversinging. Papa in the audience looks proud. John says “You’re owning this moment.” He loves the high notes she’s hitting. Gwen: She’s only 16! yada yada. “You manhandled the stage,”


Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – That Ain’t My Truck by Rhett Akins – His cousin was killed in Afghanistan nine years ago. He picked the song in his honor. His heros are in the military. He got a shout out from military supporters in Alabama. Kelly thinks Jake could be a massive country star. She gives Jake tips on phrasing and using his “growl.” If he doesn’t use it she’s going to “throw my shoe at your face.” Jake turns out an enjoyable rendition of the song. I mean, if mid-tempo country songs are your thing! Still, his tone is so radio ready. His voice cracks a little in spots, though. A few notes are out of his range. He places the growl, right where Kelly asked. Shoes will stay on feet tonight.  Gwen call it his best performance. Gwen believed he was a true country star. Blake has to admit….Kelly is doing an incredible job with him. Hell has frozen over! responds Kelly. She swears she’s not doing anything. “It’s like we’re watching your show.” She follows that up with “Don’t get a big head!”

Shane Q  Team Kelly Clarkson – Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean  – Shane was in the bottom 2 last week. Kelly thought it light a fire under him. She says perform like that always. But HOLY COW THIS SONG CHOICE WHAT. Does he want to go home? Apparently, his dad loves the song, but that’s no reason to sing it. The show is flying dad out to Los Angeles. Kelly wants to blues up the song. I don’t think Kelly is down with this choice. “You’d think with him in the bottom 2 last week, he’d pick a safe song. But that’s not Shane!” She says. She knows the song is 80’s cornball drivel. This is….bad. The deer in the headlights is back. He shuffles meekly on the stage, as he mewls the inane lyrics. He’s out of breath. He needs to stick to ballads. Shane will be back in the bottom this week. With two heading home, it’s hard to imagine he’ll escape again. John got some Michael McDonald vibes. Hm. “Really well done,” he says. Kelly thinks he chose the right song at the right time


Team Blake Shelton – You’re Still the One by Shania Twain – The Voice discovered her on Youtube. She sang a lot at church too, they created a good luck video for her. Blake continues to gush about her tone. He loves her! He gives her some tips on breath control. Kat is staying in tune mostly, even when she bends notes. As long as she keeps her phrases short, she’s OK. The sleepy rendition could use more dynamics, but compared to her past couple of performances, this is an improvement. Gwen calls her “magical.” She love the way air moves through her voice and she bends and scoops the melody. Heh. After Gwen calls her the most original singer on the show. John, jumped into mention Will. Because, seriously. She doesn’t possess his musicality. Blake calls this week “his new favorite performance.” He’s running out of compliments for her. “If the angel that people put on top of a Christmas tree bust out into a song…that’s what it would sound like,” gushes lake

Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – God’s Country by Blake Shelton  – Rose brings her parents to rehearsal. She cries from happiness. Mom says Rose has been singing since 6 months old. She also loves country music, thus she’s covering Blake’s biggest hit to date. Blake resists giving his gal pal tips, he’s afraid Rose will sing it better. She probably will. Surrounded by a choir, Rose sings soulfully against a stomping beat. Yep. She’s kicking Blakes butt. Heh. Her big strong voice is a declaration. She really can sing anything. And she knows how to make a low note count. The coaches are on their feet. Blake is bowing! “That song is hard!” says Rose. “That made Blake’s original sound like the dome,” jokes Carson. “You were killing it,” says Blake. He’s rethinking the entire arrangement. Kelly calls it  “great song.” And is amazed by Rose’s range. “Tasteful, classy, played to who you are as a singer,” says Kelly. Gwen calls it meant to be. Oh. The song was Rose’s mom’s idea.

Marybeth Byrd – Team John Legend – Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez – John’s team rehearsed at his house. They also celebrated Thanksgiving with his family. Marybeth wants to show vulnerability this week. She is in a 3 year relationship. The show is flying out her boyfriend this week. Big pop songs are not my favorite for Maybeth. Her tone is so sweet, she doesn’t need to shout notes to be effective. She goes big on the last verse, and it loses something. But that was mostly good. She’s still so young and is still figuring herself out, I think. Kelly liked how the song built. “You have a way with consonants,” she says. Gwen was floored by her rendition, “It could have definitely been your song.” John admires her subtlety. “It was such a great build in the story.” This is true. the song was beautifully. Marybeth’s phrasing built so slowly. She could have shouted her way through the song, but did not.  

Top 10

Ricky Duran – Team Blake
Katie Kadan – Team Legend
Rose Short – Team Gwen
Jake Hoot – Team Kelly
Joana Martinez – Team Gwen
Will Breman – Team Legend
Marybeth Byrd – Team Legend
Kat Hammock – Team Blake
Hello Sunday – Team Kelly
Shane Q – Team Kelly – Saved by America

Hello Sunday – Team Kelly Clarkson – Stone Cold by Demi Lovato – STREAM
Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – That Ain’t My Truck by Rhett Atkins – STREAM
Joana Martinez – Team Gwen Stefani – Impossible by Christina Aguilera – STREAM
Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – You’re Still the One by Shania Twain – STREAM
Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – Rolling in the Deep by Adele – STREAM
Marybeth Byrd – Team John Legend – Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez – STREAM
Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King (Cream) – STREAM
Rose Short – Team Gwen Stefani – God’s Country by Blake Shelton – STREAM
Shane Q – Team Kelly Clarkson – Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean – STREAM
Will Breman – Team John Legend – My Body by Young the Giant – STREAM

Songs  list:

Jake Hoot Itunes Download

Katie Kadan Itunes Download

Rose short Itunes Download

Joana Martinez  Itunes Download

Shane Q The Itunes Download

Hello Sunday Itunes Download

Kat Hammock Itunes Download

Marybeth Byrd Itunes Download

Will Breman Itunes Download

Myracle Holloway is ELIMINATED

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Jake Hoot sings Every Light In the House  for his The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC


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Shane Q – Team Kelly Clarkson – Mercy by Shawn Mendes – Look. Shane has a superfan. He’s in the audience. This week, Kelly took her team to her talk show set to rehearse. Fans saw an online version of the song by Shane. Maybe singing a familiar song will help his comfort level on stage. And actually, yes, he’s more at ease this week. He’s still stiff on stage, and looks a bit frightened. But other than a crack here and there, his vocal is pretty good. I think nerves may cause his throat to close up? Still, he might be doing enough to last another week. John felt he was confident this week, more than past weeks. He calls it his best performance so far. Kelly sees his gift. She’s so happy that he trusts her. 

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Ricky Duran sings Downtown Train for his The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC




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Shane Q sings Mercy for his The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC

Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – I’ll Fly Away by Alison Krauss – Blake insists again that Kat is “so important to music.” Oh good lord. He just compared her importance to Bob Dylan and Taylor Swift. He’s ridiculous. Blake is SURE Kat will have one of the highest charting songs of the week. This is a great song pick. and i’m not gonna think about what Alison Krauss was up to this week. BUT I’M SORRY. Kat’s whispery phrasing is sleepy and out of tune. At one point, the band drowns her out. She has potential, but needs work. Gwen calls her beautiful, unique and original and a “pretty pixie princess.” That’s totally condescending. Blake swears people are beginning to get it! “That was magic sis.” Blake and I are inhabiting opposite worlds.

ITunes download 

Will Breman sings Light My Fire  for his The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC


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Marybeth Byrd sings Stars for her The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC


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Hello Sunday sings The Middle  for her The Voice Top 11 performance tonight on NBC

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Kelly and Gwen will perform with their teams tonight. Coach chat! Blake hopes his team learned to be ‘awesome” in Nashville. Also, his record label people are here tonight. John thinks America saw a lot of emotion last night…because DEDICATIONS. “You felt the power they brought to their performances.” Gwen says his girls are incredible. “They really inspired me today.” Kelly has been in these artist’s shoes! She tells her team “You have to pretend this is your final show.

RESULTS: You know what that means. Time for DUMB QUESTIONS. Oh. JAKE HOOT WAS THE MOST STREAMED ARTIST ON APPLE MUSIC. Hoo boy. Hello Sunday wants their parents to know how much they love them blah blah blah. Katie wants her fans to know…she likes to take long walks on the beach. Heh. Her girlfriends remind her that she’s great, even without a man. Ok. here we go…America saved…from Team Legend…Marybeth Byrd! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Hello Sunday! America also saved…from Team Gwen…Rose Short!


Team Gwen Stefani and her team, Rose ShortMyracle Holloway and Joana Martinez take the stage to sing “Good as Hell” by Lizzo

Results: The remaining 10 artists take the stage. Ricky’s girlfriend is in the audience. He appreciates her support so much. She wouldn’t let him pull out of the competition, even though she had a stroke and was in he hospital. What a gal. America saved…from Team Blake…Kat Hammock! America also saved…from Team Legend…Katie Kadan!

Results: The remaining 8 artists take the stage. Will says his time on The Voice wouldn’t be possible without his mom. He talks as if he expects to be in the bottom. Jake hopes his time on The Voice teaches his daughter to have confidence in herself. America saved…from Team Kelly…Jake Hoot! America also saved…from Team Gwen…Myracle Holloway. Oh wow. There goes my prediction! America also saved…from Team Blake…Ricky Duran.

Next, Team Kelly Clarkson and her team, Hello SundayMax BoyleJake Hoot and Shane Q perform the Cranberries’ “Linger.” What a weird mixture of voices!

Results: The FIVE remaining artists take the stage. Joana wants to give a huge shoutout to her family and friends, in particular the art school she attends in Miami. Max wants his niece and nephew to grow up to believe in themselves. America saved…Will Breman!!! America also saved…Shane Q. WHAT THE HECK.

Max BoyleCali Wilson and Joana Martinez are in the Bottom 3!!! What is this effery. 

Cali Wilson – The Chain by Fleetwood Mac  – She starts off seeming defeated, but becomes more and more defiant as the performance progresses. Her voice cracks a bunch. She should have showed that fire last night. I’m not surprised she hit the bottom. I love her tone, but her performance last night was so laid back, it was snoozy. There was no way she could make a mark with that performance.  John loved the fire behind the song choice. Blake is sure his decisions were correct. Her performance proves she deserves to stay.

Max Boyle – Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran – Hm. Like last night, he’s having some pitch problems tonight. It’s a jittery performance. John calls him a gifted and tasteful singer. Kelly is SUPER SHOCKED. Take it as an opportunity, she says. PLEASE AMERICA VOTE MAX! She says. 

Joana Martinez – Superwoman by Alicia Keys – Joana is back in her element tonight. She’s performing last and delivering a solid performance. She may have this. John loves her big powerful range. Gwen calls her performance mind blowing. “She is so fearless at her age,” says Gwen. “I am so honored to be your coach.” 

Yep. Joana has this

The Voice 17 Top 11 Revealed

Marybeth Byrd – Team Legend
Hello Sunday – Team Kelly
Rose Short – Team Gwen
Kat Hammock – Team Blake
Katie Kadan – Team Legend
Jake Hoot – Team Kelly
Myracle Holloway – Team Gwen
Ricky Duran – Team Blake
Will Breman – Team Legend
Shane Q – Team Kelly

Rose Short Sings  I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera 

Rose wonders if the song pick is “cheesy and greasy.” Heh. She knows! Rose dedicates the song to…Gwen!  She’s looked up to Gwen her whole life.  “The hood love you girl!” she says. Gwen likes that Rose wants to have her own lane that sometimes stretches beyond R&B. That’s why I like her, and am disappointed she’s pick such a predictable song. It’s a good vocal. And she really makes the song her own. She hits them big notes! She’s bringing some Aretha realness to this performance. Gwen is so proud that Rose trusts her. “I am so happy we have this moment together,” she says. — >  STREAM

Team Kelly Clarkson – Danny’s Song by Loggins & Messina – He’s dedicating his song to daughter Macy. He’s divorced from her mother. She advises Jake to change up the phrasing and open up in the second half of the song. She’s helping him add dynamics to his performance, which is so important. Aw. He points to his daughter at “Love a girl.” Dang, that’s going to be worth about a kabillion votes. His daughter is adorable. Still, this performance is SUCH A HUGE IMPROVEMENT from last week. He sounds confident this week. I don’t love country music, but his tone is gorgeous. Gwen calls his performance “magical.” He had Kelly “bawling.” You could sing anything, noting that he sounds like the music she grew up on -> Stream

Marybeth Byrd – Team John Legend – Go Rest Ye High on That Mountain by Vince Gill – A day before she flew out to Los Angeles, her grandfather passed away. She and grandpa sang the song she’s dedicating to him. “I wouldn’t be on The Voice if it wasn’t for him.” She breaks down during rehearsal. John used to dedicate Bridge Over Troubled Water to his grandmother. He tells her to embrace the grief. Yay. Marybeth is back to singing country. Her rangy vocals highlight her storytelling abilities. She’s using her grief here, not allowing it to completely overtake the performance. Finally, when she finishes, she breaks down. Blake shares that the song brings back the memory of his dad. He also remembers Kelly blocked him from picking her! John thinks it’s important that America sees who she really is.  –  STREAM

Shane Q – Team Kelly Clarkson – My Wish by Rascal Flatts – Kelly calls him the most talented vocalist on the show. Hm. However, she does note  connection problems. He dedicates his song to mom. He breaks the news to mama, the show is flying her to Los Angeles. This is better than last week. He’s remembering the words, at least. He still looks scared crapless, and uncomfortable in his own skin. He needs to play a ton of gigs to get over that. He barely hits the big note at the end. Blake thought he was a front runner in the competition. Kelly is proud that he opened his eyes and connected. She calls him an incredible vocalist.  – STREAM

Hello Sunday – Team Kelly Clarkson – Mama Knows Best by Jessie J. – The girls are dedicating the song to their parents. Father says the lyrics should be changed to “Daddy knows best.” Kelly won’t put 14 year olds in stilettos! Looks like the parents are stage parents, which makes sense. These two won the Wildcard singoff last week. They were easily the worst of the three acts. This is a better performance, for sure. Still iffy, with pitch and breath problems. But they’re so cute working the stage, they’ll probably escape the bottom 2 this week. John thinks being on the brink of going home last week, pushed them forward. Kelly can’t understand how talented they are! She wants to sing with them. –  STREAM

Cali Wilson – Team Blake Shelton – Butterflies by Kacey Musgraves – Blake says Nashville is like a family, but it can be brutal. She’s dedicating her song to girlfriend Gracie.

She met her at a Nashville show. She helped her through the tough, early years. Blake couldn’t believe he had to save her. Cali delivers a sweet, heartfelt vocal. But the song doesn’t really go anywhere. I do like her tone and phrasing, but she’s got to bring some drama at this point of the competition. Gwen calls it “the record I want to listen to.” Blake appreciates the play between her full voice and falsetto.  –  STREAM

Katie Kadan – Team John Legend – I’m Going Down by Mary J. Blige – She’s had her ups and downs in dating, and is blessed to have single girlfriends. She dedicates the song to them. John loves the combo of fire and vulnerability. John is working wonders with Katie. 

She’s less strident and growly than the beginning. Finally, in these last two weeks, I am enjoying her performances. She pushed it too hard at a couple of points, but she’s able to deliver power along with pain and vulnerability. Not an easy thing! John is on his feet, screaming for Katie. “That felt like the finale for a minute,” says Carson. Kelly says she lost her mic pac. John calls it “the best performance this season.” Carson says if Jhud was in the house, she’d be throwing some shoes.  – STREAM

Kat Hammock – Team Blake Shelton – Danny Boy (Traditional) – Kat made her first trip to Nashville this week. Her grandfather used to sing the song in Gaelic. He passed away a few years ago–she lost all of her grandparents within a few years. Blake gives her good advice–back off on those vocal bends. Yes. Still, SHE SINGS TOO DANG SLOW and has a tendency to go off pitch when she holds those notes. Yikes. That was a super-pitchy performance. She’s an interesting stylist, but needs to work on her vocals. Gwen thinks she’s get a record deal after the show, calling her “magical.” Blake is so proud of her, calling her one of the most important artists he’s ever worked with on the show. WTF. I don’t get it. She’s an underbaked teen. –  STREAM

Will Breman – Team John Legend – I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz – Will is excited to be working another week with the Sexiest Man Alive. John loves Will’s unique arrangements. He’s dedicating his song to his mom, because she stuck by his side, even with a difficult Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis. John says Will will show America vulnerability this week.

Will is keeping it conventional this week, much to my disappointment. I like his quirkiness and crazy scatting. Although, he does kind of lose his mind near the end. He’s not holding back at all, thereby saving this performance. Some folks won’t like that, but I think that was controlled chaos. He connected to that song, at least near the end. Blake thinks America will vote him through this week. John calls the passion, emotion and connection beautiful. –  STREAM

Myracle Holloway – Team Gwen Stefani – I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston – Gwen saved Myracle, and she’s so grateful. TEARS. She’s dedicating her song to her late grandmother, who helped raise her. Gwen tells a story about Whitney hugging her at the BET Awards. Gwen advises Myracle not change it up too much. But, it will sound karaoke if she doesn’t. It’s the exact reason these iconic diva songs usually bomb on singing shows. I like her raspy tone, and she’s handling a difficult song deftly, but this song choice is a snooze. Kelly calls Myracle a “champion.” Gwen reveals that Myracle wanted to change the song at the last minute, but Gwen talked her down!


Max Boyle – Team Kelly Clarkson – Unaware by Allen Stone – Kelly is SO thrilled that she stole Max from John. Max’s family loves the song, so he’s singing it with a special dedication to his niece and nephew. He’s the youngest in his family–they are like his little brother and sister. Kelly calls Max the dark horse of the competition. “Could he be any more adorable?

Just put ice cream in his hand, your mother will love him,” says Kelly. Hm. He might be trying to do too much with the melody here. Keep it simple–especially when singing live! But overall, his phrasing is so original! And he has a lovely falsetto. He reminds me a little bit of Robin Thicke. BUT NOT CREEPY. Awe, the kids are in the audience. John notes the challenge, “You nailed those notes…you’re so good at this.” Kelly loves his voice, and notes his intimate style —> Itunes Stream

Joana Martinez – Team Gwen Stefani – Get on Your Feet by Gloria Estefan -> STREAM

She calls herself “Team Gwake” because she started on Blake Shelton. She’s second generation Cuban American. She’s covering Gloria Estefan, dedicating to her hometown Miami. Gwen says the performance needs to be all about working the stage. Will engaging the audience be distracting?  Not really. It’s not a super electric performance, but she’s getting through it decently well, with some pitch problems here and there. At least show showing a different side. Blake knows her talent and determination and with the right coach–she’s in the right lane now, he says.  Gwen is so proud that she pulled it off. “I’m shocked. You’re incredible.” Shocked, because she’d never done a song like that before.

Ricky Duran – Team Blake Shelton – You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne -> STREAM

The entire team traveled to Nashville with Blake. Check out the photos from the event at Ole Red. Blake tells his team they will always have a home at Ole Red. Ricky chose the song as a dedication to his girlfriend, who supported his move to Austin. His girlfriend had a stroke? Wow. He was in surgery, but she recovered. Ricky is thinking of moving to Nashville. This song is a good song for Ricky, but maybe TOO on the nose. Can he bring something different to the song? He sounds so much like Ray. He’s playing it safe. In any case, Ricky’s raspy, soulful vocals are effortless. He’s got a confidence and ease on stage that draws the audience in. John thinks he carries himself like an artist. “You were born to be there.” He notes how natural he is. Yes! Blake reveals that folks are talking about Ricky, wherever he goes. “You always deliver a solid performance,” says Blake.

The Voice 17 Top 13

Ricky Duran – Team Blake – America saved
Kat Hammock – Team Blake – America saved
Cali Wilson – Team Blake – Blake saved
Rose Short – Team Gwen – America Saved
Joana Martinez – Team Gwen – America Saved
Myracle Holloway – Team Gwen – Gwen Saved
Max Boyle – Team Kelly – America Saved
Jake Hoot – Team Kelly – America Saved
Shane Q – Team Kelly – Kelly Saved
Katie Kadan – Team Legend – America Saved
Marybeth Byrd – Team Legend – America Saved
Will Breman – Team Legend – John Saved


Ricky Braddy – Team Blake
Kyndal Inskeep – Team Gwen
Damali – Team Kelly
Kahlea Lynee – Team Legend

Myracle Holloway vs Calvin Lockett – Team Gwen – The Knockout is montaged pretty quickly here. Myracle sing “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell, while Calvin sang…who knows, because Calvin’s mentoring session and performance aren’t edited into this package at all. I wonder if he blew it. Gwen Picks Myracle. Calvin is Eliminated. 

Damali – Sober by Demi Lovato – She’s a senior at military school. She’s singing for a friend who struggled with addiction. Kelly suggests she goes bigger. Damali is scared! Kelly thinks she can do it. Now, her tone is not only cool, but comes across in an authentic way. She’s inhabiting the emotion beautifully, simply. Her voice cracks at one point. But it kind of works.

Gracee Shriver – Leave the Pieces by the Wreckers – Gracee auditioned at the end of the Blinds. Blake’s team was full and he was MAD. Hm. Taylor notes that she and Gracee share a signature look. And they are both drawn to break up songs. Taylor likes her yodle vibe. Kelly is looking for “bluegrassy sad.” Taylor thinks making the production more “desperate” would work. Gracee has an awsome throwback sound with an appealing break in her voice. She’s natural too–authentic and effortless. She throws in a few well placed growls. Nice.

Blake feels Damili is stepping into her moment. She was a one chair turn. Blake loves Gracee’s tone. John felt Damali’s storytelling connected. He’d pick Gracee though. He also loves her tone. Gwen thought Damali had Grammy performance moments. She feels Gracee has an original sound. But she’d pick Damili. Kelly Picks Damili. AND OF COURSE Blake Steals Gracee.

Ricky Braddy – So High by John Legend – NOT MENTIONED: Ricky was in the Top 36 on American Idol season 8. Totally mentioned: He came out as gay in his Blind Auditions video package. He wants to win the knockout for his boyfriend. Wow. His boyfriend never saw him perform before his live audition? Really? Taylor suggests he stay still at the beginning and get physical at the beginning. This is Ricky’s best performance so far. He’s bringing the emotion up gradually. The pacing is beautiful. He hits a high note and the crowd is totally with him. He ends with some falsetto. Wow. KELLY IS CRYING. 

Zach Bridges – The Dance by Garth Brooks – He impressed Blake with a cover of his song in the Blind auditions. He grew up in Pearl, Mississippi. He wants to be Blake’s country guy. Blake thinks he’s taking a big risk singing such a beloved song. Taylor works with him on stage presence. He seems awkward! She suggests that he work on connecting to the audience. Zach can’t get rid of his nerves. “Shake it off!” says Blake. Har har. He has that classic country tone. But the performance lacks punch. He also still seems really nervous. He needs to get out of his own head. 

John gives a contestant the rare compliment on covering his song. It was “thrilling” when Ricky hit those high notes. He appreciates Zach’s tone, but feels Ricky gave the better performance. Gwen says her jaw was on the floor after Ricky’s performance. She believes he could sing any genre. Gwen compliments Zach’s “storytelling” voice. Kelly felt Zach didn’t stray enough from Garth Brook’s rendition. She feels Ricky could be in the finale. Blake Picks Ricky! YAY! Zach is Eliminated. Blake believes Ricky COULD WIN the show. 

Myracle Holloway vs Calvin Lockett – Team Gwen – The Knockout is montaged pretty quickly here. Myracle sing “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell, while Calvin sang…who knows, because Calvin’s mentoring session and performance aren’t edited into this package at all. I wonder if he blew it. Gwen Picks Myracle. Calvin is Eliminated. 

Preston C. Howell – The Way You Look Tonight – He sang Fire and Rain in the Battles. It was out of his comfort zone! So he’s back to his Buble deal. John warns him to find unique melodic moments so he doesn’t sound karaoke. Taylor suggests he flirt with the audience. Preston has a warm tone, but he often sounds underpitch to my ears. His vocal verges on laconic, like he doesn’t quite get there. He reminds me a little of Perry Como. (For the olds!). So he takes Taylor’s advice and winks at Gwen. Also, he reminds me a little of a young David Archuleta. NOT his vocal style–his look and the way he carries himself.

Marybeth Byrd – All I Ask by Adele – Marybeth had a stutter. She heard Adele as a kid and realized she didn’t stutter when she sang! Oh. Blake predicts Marybeth will be in the finale. John suggest she work around the lower notes. Change it if she’s not comfortable. Taylor admits she throws away notes if she can’t sing them. No kidding. I know Marybeth loves her some Adele, but I hope she sticks to Americana if she lasts in the competition. Although she sings it well, I’m not digging her as an AC artist. And yes, she struggles a little on the verse. But when she hits her upper register, she’s terrific. She puts her own spin on the song. There’s passion that’s blessedly free of oversinging.

Gwen calls Preston a phenom. She appreciated his stage presence. She thinks Marybeth’s style is coming out. Kelly notes how hard the Adele song is to sing. She loves how she’s working strategy. Kelly wants Preston to flip a song. Blake stupidly calls “Dream a Little Dream” a Mamas & Pappas song (Cass Elliot recorded it solo and SHE COVERED A DANG STANDARD). Blake likes that Marybeth swung at the fences. He admires that. John is having a tough time deciding. Blake suggests going to commercial. AND THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS. John Picks Marybeth!!!!! OK I’m shocked. SHOCKED. I predicted Blake would steal Marybeth. WRONG. Preston C. Howell is eliminated They pimped the heck out of that kid. Until they didn’t.

Will Bremen – I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber – Taylor loves Will’s quirky style and eccentricities. Taylor thinks he should simplify the hook. That’s her go to advice! This artist does looping in his performances, normally. This is a deceptively tough song to sing. He’s got great rhythmic instincts. Technically, he’s far more impressive. I’d give him the knockout just for that. 

Gwen compliments Zoe’s confidence and ability. She calls Will “magnetic” and “effortless.” She’s pick Will. Kelly compliments them both. She notes how hard the song was. But she loved Zoe’s voice. She wishes she had a steal. She can’t choose. Blake calls Will “special.” Blake admires Zoe’s poise. JOHN IS STALLING. So we’re going to break first. John Picks Will Zoe is Eliminated.  Correct choice.

Kat Hammock – Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer – She’s the youngest of five kids. Her song pick is mom’s favorite. The 18 year old wants to make her mom proud. Taylor doesn’t think she sounds like anybody. I think she sounds just like the record? Hm. Taylor gives her stage tips about getting up from the piano. Kat’s rendition is very similar to the original, only leaden. I don’t like this song pick for her. Eventually she’s on her feet singing, and she brings more energy. 

Lauren Hall – Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson – Blake stole Lauren from Kelly. She picked the song because it tells her story. Blake thinks she’s brave. Lauren is having some breath problems she needs to work on. Blake says Lauren picked the song to “shove it in her face.” Once again, Lauren an experienced singer is up against a kiddo. I don’t love this song choice. It takes her a bit to find her groove. This song is hard to sing! And she seems nervous? Not my favorite performance from her. But she’s good. I hope Blake picks her. John notes Lauren’s courage. He loves her high notes. He calls Kat a “revelation.” He’d pick her. Gwen agrees with John. She calls Kat an “Angel” and one of her favorites. “You sing that better than I do,” Kelly says. “But I wanted to hear more of you.” He actually notes that her voice is similar to the original, but did a good job. Blake Picks Kat. Lauren is Eliminated. Lauren could have picked a better song. But the fix was probably in anyway. He LOVES Kat. She calls singing the song for Kelly one of the best moments of her life. 

Shane Q – In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young – Brett admits he’s never been in love. He says Kelly has helped him out of his shell.  Kelly advises him to hold out his notes longer. Taylor wants him to highlight the unrequited heartbreak in the song. It’s a lovely cover, but ultimately very ordinary. The nigh notes are a bit out of his reach. 

Kiara Brown – The Bones by Maren Morris – Kelly stole Kiara from Team Gwen. Oh. Kiara won a contest and was mentored by Maren. Hm. Kelly warns her to BREATHE so she has enough air. Again, Taylor advises a singer to hit the hook head on. Leave the fancier stuff for the verses. I’ve been a Kiara fan since the beginning, She brings a singer/songwriter sensibility to her performances. This soulful, soft performance is completely her own. She seems a little nervous, and is still having issues with breath control. And those high notes were a bit shaky. But I appreciate her originality. 

Blake lives Kiara’s originality. He calls Shane’s rendition perfect, but he needs more passion. He’d go with Shane. John calls Kiara’s spirit peaceful. He liked the way Shane carried himself. He’d pick Shane too. Gwen thinks Kirara is special, but Shane is “effortless.” Kelly notes a hesitancy in Shane’s performance. I agree. Kelly Picks Shane, Kiara is Eliminated.  Eh I get why she chose Shane. His performance was technically better. 

Destiny Rayne vs Rose Short – Team Gwen – Gwen paired her two powerhouse singers together.

Rose Short – Big White Room by Jesse J – Rose used to work at a prison. She’s got a big voice and big personality. Taylor advises Rose to open her otherwise, but otherwise, no notes. Both were really moved by Rose’s performance. She really hits those low notes beautifully. She’s not giving away everything too soon. She opens up on the chorus, and brings it back down. That was really well paced!

Destiny Rayne – Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato – Gwen stole Destiny from John Legend. She’s a songwriter from Nashville. When she moved to Nashville, she thought she’d be sing, but doors closed. She’ll bring that vulnerability to her performance. Taylor says it’s more important to delve into the emotion, rather than belt her way through. Destiny’s voice isn’t as powerful as Rose, and her range is rough in the upper register. I think Rose has got this.

Kelly liked Destiny’s vibe. She calls Rose and impressive singer. She’d go with Rose. Blake thought the song was too big for her. He’s glad Rose has his “best friend” as he coach. It’s his favorite performance of the Knockout round. John calls Destiny’s performance strong, but he felt Rose’s notes were “gorgeous and clear.” Gwen Chooses Rose, Destiny is Eliminated

The Voice season 17 Knockouts contine tonight with coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani, and featuring Pop star Taylor Swift serving as “Mega Mentor” for each of the coaches. Each team has ONE steal. But this season–no saves! The stakes are high. Carson Daly hosts. Ricky Duran – She Talks to Angels by Black Crowes – Ricky chose the song, because during Battle rehearsals, mentor Darius Rucker compared him to Chris Robinson. It’s also his girlfriend’s favorite song. Blake actually suggests with LESS finesse aka runs. The vocal needs to be attacked. Taylor compares him to Bruce Springsteen. After a few suggestions from Taylor on how to handle his guitar, Ricky decides to chuck it altogether.  Not a favorite performance from Ricky. I’m waiting for him to change up the arrangement or do something different. Despite the comparison, he can’t touch Chris Robinson. I’m pick Joana to win this Knockout.

John loves Ricky’s stage presence and tone. He would choose him. Gwen was impressed with how Joana changed up an old sing. She’d pick her. Kelly liked both singers, but she is impressed with Ricky’s experience. She’d go with him. Ricky is Blake’s only 4 chair turn. Blake Picks Ricky And at the last minute, Gwen Steals Joana. FINALLY GWEN HAS HER LITTLE GIRL. Khalea Lynee vs James Violet – Team Legend – John’s goal if for 3 of his singer to be stolen by other teams. It’s true John’s teams are top heavy with talent. But what if another team member wins with one of his castoffs? Hm. Khalea Lynee – Because You Love Me by Celine Dion – Taylor is full of compliments for Khalea, impressed with how she owns it. John suggests she think of the person she’s singing it for. Khalea’s mom passed from Ovarian cancer. She sings the song for her. Khalea’s puffy white outfit is…distracting. She’s very old fashioned. But, she makes interesting choices. Her phrasing is original and nuanced, in a song a lesser singer would shout through. So far, she’s been a laid back Anita Bake type. Here she really shows her power and range.

James Violet – Stay by Post Malone – John stole James from Gwen–she wanted to save him! He’s an accountant by day. Taylor wants him to meander less, especially on the chorus. Taylor loves her choruses! John advises he finish with a glory note. James has a sweet tone and nice range. There are pitch things here and there, but he makes good choices too–just not as flashy. Khalea is the obvious winner, though.

Gwen laments how James betrayed her. She thinks he oversung a bit, but she’s still a fan. she calls Khalea “effortless.” Kelly gushes over both performances. Blake loves Khalea’s tone and power. He’d pick her. John Picks Khalea James is Eliminated. Wow. He gives total props to Khalea!

Jessie Lawrence vs Kyndal Inskeep – Team Gwen – Gwen calls them both “emotional singers.” It’s why she paired them together.


Kyndal Inskeep – Elastic Heart by Sia – Gwen blocked Blake from Kyndal. Sia sent Gwen the song to sing! Sia wound up recording it herself. Kyndal struggled as the only step kid in a big family. Taylor says she’s got “quirk and control” and a beautiful tone. Focus on building the song up to triumph. Gwen advises that she keeps it simple. Kyndal is growing on me. This is a great song choice. It allows her to reveal emotional complexity. Her tone is full of dark textures. Very nice. That chorus is tricky and she nailed it both technically and emotionally. Jessie Lawrence – Dancing with a Stranger – He grew up in group homes. Music was a “safe” escape. Gwen saved him during the Battles. Gwen and Taylor both advise him to bring out his personality. “You’ve got the vocal,” says Gwen. “Just more of you,” says Taylor. I like Jessie’s earnestness and positive vibe. But this performance is unremarkable–from his song choice to vocal delivery. Kyndal so won this! Kelly compliments Jessie for being raspy and breathy in all the right spots. She thinks Kyndal sang the hell out of the song, and loves the broken side of Kyndal’s voice. But her version was too similar to Sia. Blake agrees with Kelly. Although, he compliments her pitch and control. He would pick her. John didn’t like Jessie’s song choice. He disagrees with Kelly and Blake–he feels Kyndal did her own thing. I agree with John! Gwen Picks Kyndal. Jessie is Eliminated Joana Martinez vs Ricky Duran – Team Blake – “They’re both explosive,” Blake explains about his choice to put these two together, whatever that means. These are two highly pimped singers. Obviously one will be stolen. Joana Martinez – California Dreamin’ by Mamas & Papas – Joana is only 15, but sings like she’s 40. Taylor gives tips on stage presence, how to use her hands etcetera. Taylor coaches her though using the stage. “Your phenomenal,” says Taylor. Joana’s tone is like warm honey–thick, deep and warm. Her approach to a song is shockingly mature. Her pitch is so good. The kiddos are usually wobbly. Not Joana.

Jessie Lawrence – Dancing with a Stranger – He grew up in group homes. Music was a “safe” escape. Gwen saved him during the Battles. Gwen and Taylor both advise him to bring out his personality. “You’ve got the vocal,” says Gwen. “Just more of you,” says Taylor. I like Jessie’s earnestness and positive vibe. But this performance is unremarkable–from his song choice to vocal delivery. Kyndal so won this!

Kelly compliments Jessie for being raspy and breathy in all the right spots. She thinks Kyndal sang the hell out of the song, and loves the broken side of Kyndal’s voice. But her version was too similar to Sia. Blake agrees with Kelly. Although, he compliments her pitch and control. He would pick her. John didn’t like Jessie’s song choice. He disagrees with Kelly and Blake–he feels Kyndal did her own thing. I agree with John! Gwen Picks Kyndal. Jessie is Eliminated

Melinda Rodriguez – . It’s very emotional. Her brother Chris got called in for a heart transplant. It turn out, he’s Taylor’s biggest fan. He has her album names tattooed on his body. Tears all around! Taylor wants to send him some gifts. Taylor loves the chorus so much, that Kelly suggests she start there. Taylor suggests a drum part to emphasize the melody. The arrangement is jazzy and updated. Her timing and intonation are effortless. I like her style. But Jake actually delivered the stronger performance. They both should move on. Blake thinks Kelly will make a huge mistake, no matter what she does. There are Hooters jokes. Oh no. John loves Jake’s voice. He was a one chair turn in the blinds! John calls Melinda’s performance her best so far.  Gwen loves Jake. Kelly Picks Jake. Wow. I’m a little surprised. She wants that lone male country singer on her team.  Melinda is eliminated. That’s a shame. She drops in with an update–Chris is recovering from his heart transplant. Hm. Without a steal and a save, methinks there may be wildcards. Fingers crossed for Melinda. Katie Kadan vs Max Boyle – Team Legend Katie Kadan – Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin – Katie spent years struggling with self-acceptance. In her 30s, she learned to love herself. She’s been earning a living as a musician in Chicago. Taylor calls it quirky and ballsy. She really didn’t have notes for her. Katie is a powerful singer, but for me, she pushes too hard. I find her style overbearing. That’s probably just me though. I wasn’t a huge fan of Janis whiskey and cigarette ruined voice either though. Sorry. Max Boyle – When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish – He studied psychology in college, but is currently pursuing a music career. He just experienced a painful breakup. Taylor compliments Max’s intuition. John admits that Max is the underdog, but he’s putting up a fight. Max is more my style. His style is so delicate, yet full of power and emotion. This is beautiful. That falsetto! Exquisite. Somebody better get stolen. Gwen notes Katie’s star quality, but is impressed by Max. Kelly calls Katie “magical.” She also loved Max. She gives him the win. Blake thinks Max had a moment, but he is impressed with Katie’s power. He’d pick her. John Picks Katie. Gwen and Kelly Steal Max. Kelly thought Max actually “blew away” Katie. Max is the kind of artist Gwen would listen to. Max Chooses Kelly. John blocked Kelly. Now she has him. John believes he can win the show with Katie. Jake Hoot vs Melinda Rodriguez – Team Kelly – Jake Hoot – Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell – He’s been dating his girlfriend for 6 or 7 months. But his divorce was really hard. Taylor calls his vocal style “authentic” and “convincing.” Taylor advises Jake not to sway on stage. Maybe use a mic stand, she says. Jake is an old school country singer with an ability to deliver emotional lyrics. This is a very good song choice. His voice is so strong. Cali Wilson – Wicked Game by Chris Isaak – Cali grew up in a small Iowa town. She was gay, but closeted. Taylor encourages Cali not to be so internal. Cali gives the song twang. There are no vocal gymnastics here, but her phrasing is slinky and hypnotic. For me, she’s the clear winner. John called Cali’s performance “pitch perfect.” He compliments Marina’s range. Gwen thought Cali’s song choice is perfect. She note’s Marina’s power. Kelly appreciated Cali’s spin on an oft covered song. She calls Marina’s voice a gift from God. Blake Picks Cali Marina is Eliminated. Blake appreciated Cali’s growth. Marina Chello vs Cali Wilson – Team Blake Marina Chello – I Who Have Nothing by Tom Jones – Marina was born in Uzbekistan at 11. Her family worked hard. She picks the song because her father loves it. Hm. This song is super duper duper old fashioned. Not a great pick. Taylor works on Marina’s stage presence. Marina has a POWERFUL voice. But THIS SONG CHOICE IS BAD. Her look could use an update too. It’s not the 90s! This performance is so loungy. Hello Sunday vs Lauren Hall – Team Kelly – Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus – Lauren’s father came here from Honduras. She’s been a struggling artist in Los Angeles. Hello Sunday are tween friends who sing. They are “the youngest duo in Voice history.” The teens love Normani. Squeals all around! This is kind of a ridiculous matchup. Oh well. Doesn’t matter what happens here. Kelly will probably keep the kiddos, while Blake uses his steal on Lauren. Eep. The girls really struggle with pitch. They need more work. Kelly pushes them to power their vocals. Geez, Lauren is miles and miles beyond the kiddos. At studio rehearsal, Kelly is super pleased. Lauren is so good. And the kiddos worked on their harmonies. But Lauren, c’mon. It’s no contest. She’s tried out for The Voice 7 times. It’s her time. Blake thought they all had great moments. John calls Lauren’s tone “beautiful.” He appreciates Hello Sunday’s passion. He refuses to pick. So, nobody is picking! CLIFF HANGER. After the break, Kelly Picks Hello Sunday Blake Steals Lauren. Yup. Saw that coming. Who didn’t? Preston C. Howell vs Mendeleyev – Team Legend – Fire and Rain by James Taylor – John paired the only baritones on his team. Preston is a 15 year old crooner. He performed at the US Open. That’s cool. Mendeleyev is the product of hippie-dippies. His childhood home burned to the ground. “We lost everything,” he says. Interesting that John chose a song suited to Mendeleyev rather than Preston, who seems to be a fav. Both are 4 chair turns. He’s really struggling with it. John warns him not to sound “wooden.” John wants more sweetness from Mendeleyev. “Your job is to interpret James Taylor,” says John. Jeez, their vocal styles are so different. They do manage to harmonize. Mendeleyev can’t help but stand out, his voice is so unique. Preston’s youth is showing in this duet. Gwen loved the harmonies. She’d pick Preston. Kelly loved Preston, she calls Mendeleyev a “beast.” Blake would choose Preston. John Picks Preston Mendeleyev is Eliminated Caroline Reilly vs Jake Haldenvang – Team Gwen – Just Like a Pill by Pink – They are the “rockers” on Gwen’s team, she says. That’s why she paired them. Jake toured with his dad for a long time. Caroline is a 16 year old who loves the classics. Caroline was the “little girl” Gwen kept yapping about, which doesn’t bode well for Jake. Gwen notes Caroline’s nerves. She feels a little intimidated by the older Jake. Jake has a rangy upper register, but he needs to work on control. Will is ready to record Jake’s album RIGHT NOW. Hm. At the studio rehearsal, Gwen suggests Jake ditch his guitar. “It looks like you’re backing her up.” Jake is the more experienced, seasoned singer. They are both pretty old fashioned, though. I can’t decide the winner of this battle. Caroline has a clear, strong tone, while Jake has an appealing rasp. They’re nailing the harmonies. Good duet. Kelly compares Jake to Steven Tyler she chooses him. Blake goes for the young Caroline. John would pick Jake. He liked his surprising choices. Gwen Picks Jake. Caroline is Eliminated. So goodbye to Gwen’s “little girl.” Oh well. It was the right decision, I think. Khalea Lynee – Team Legend Kyndal Inskeep – Team Gwen Ricky Duran – Team Blake Joana Martinez – Team Gwen Steals from Team Blake Eliminated James Violet – Team Legend Jessie Lawrence – Team Gwen Destiny Rayne Battles Katie Kadan, performing “Tiny Dancer” during The Voice The Battles

Destiny Rayne vs Katie Kadan – Team Legend – Tiny Dancer by Elton John – Welp. Teasers have already spoiled a steal, so… Katie admits  a crush on Usher as a teen. “I came to coach winners but I’m happy I’m working with legends,” Usher quips. Blake blocked Kelly during Katie’s blind. Destiny works two jobs in Nashville is newly engaged. John is surprised by her ability to belt. Usher is also impressed by her ability to go there. But Katie has a huge voice, he acknowledges. This is kind of a weird song choice for both. Probably why both struggle a little in rehearsal. Usher is expecting a moment. During the stage rehearsal, John is pumping his fist. This is another odd match up. Destiny sings pop, while Katie belts blues. Both are doing their best to come together there. But. Nope. Katie’s voice is too bellowy for my taste. Destiny reaches for notes that are just a bit beyond her. Both will probably do better with songs that suit them. Gwen felt Destiny held her own against the big voiced Katie. Kelly felt both singers made room for each other. Blake also compliments Destiny for rising to the occasion. John Picks KatieBlake steals Destiny. At the last minute, so of course, right on cue and most annoyingly, Gwen Steals Destiny too. “This is going to be so fun!” says Kelly. No. No it’s not. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, Destiny Picks Gwen. Hm. I would have gone with Blake. His track record is so much better. 

Matt New Battles Max Boyle, performing “Let Me Love You” during The Voice The Battles,

Elise Azkoul Battles Myracle Holloway performing “breathin” during The Voice The Battles

Breathing by Ariana Grande – Myracle has been around for while, she shared about drug addiction and childhood abuse. Elise is a vocal coach and covered Lady Gaga in her Blind–a one chair turn. Will is really impressed with Elise. Gwen turns a few of the harmony parts into solos. Gwen and Will bring up Myracle’s background. She tears up about her “childhood stuff.” This is going to be a running theme, obviously. And Will and Myracle are about the same age and grew up in the same LA neighborhood. He wonders why he made it in the business and she didn’t. There wasn’t much vocal mentoring in that segment! Before the performance, Gwen does a style segment with the singers. Never forget Gwen’s cow outfits for the American Idol contestants way back when. Elise will lose this battle. She’s obvious fodder. But I like her dusky tone a lot. She makes some creative choices here. Myracle brings experience and pro instincts to this battle. Kelly was impressed with Elise’s control. But she wants a record from Myracle. Blake thought both had great moments. He felt Myracle’s pain–he’d go with her. John also liked both. He wants more vocal risks from Myracle. Gwen Picks MyracleElise is Eliminated. Alex Guthrie vs Injoy Fountain – Team Kelly – Home by Marc Broussard – Kelly felt that two soulful singers would be a perfect match. Injoy toured with Rent. She has a young daughter. Not said: She auditioned for the American Idol judges last year. Alex plays in a blues band. The song choice seems tailor made for him. He’s been playing the song for years,  Injoy has never heard the song before. In rehearsal, though, she sounds pretty good. And Injoy helped Alex move without a guitar. Kelly and Normani tell him more eye contact and movement. And for Injoy–trust yourself, watch your pitch. And for both: Bring attitude! Create a great moment. Kelly will pick the singer who brings the boldest moment. Ha. In the performance, Alex has no idea what to do with his hands. Injoy is bringing a growly performance. I think she’s dominating. But Alex is bringing it as well. Blake feels Alex could have been more aggressive. He calls Injoy infectious. John agrees, He didn’t get a sense of Alex’s personality. He loved Injoy. Gwen disagrees, she felt Alex took charge of the stage. The pairing was a mismatch in the end. Injoy’s big voice was going to dominate by default. Kelly Picks Alex. Really? Injoy is Eliminated Obviously Injoy was cannon fodder from the get-go. The song pick made that obvious. Injoy still killed it, but Kelly’s mind was already made up, methinks.  

Melinda Rodriguez v Shane Q – Team Kelly – Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith –  Kelly says that she’s never “done something like this” with another singing show alum. Erm. She was Jennifer Hudson’s mentor the season before she came a coach? Hm. Normani, Kelly’s mentor, was a teen when she competed on X Factor USA as a member of Simon Cowell’s manufactured girl group, Fifth Harmony. They went on to great success. She says the experience prepared her for the “real world.” Both singers have big ranges, so she picked a big song. Normani worked with Sam Smith! Shane works with disabled people by day, and hits the clubs at night. He was a four chair turn. Melinda is a jazz singer, finishishing her masters degree. Her brother is waiting for a heart transplant. She sang an Eva Cassidy inspired version of “What a Wonderful World.” Kelly feels Melinda has to get out of her head. Normani mentions they have to be in the same pocket. They work with Shane on his breath control–Normani suggests he use falsetto. We see the pair at stage rehearsal. Kelly is so impressed, she’s crying.  They are both good! So it’s good one of them gets stolen, telegraphed before the break! Shane’s voice is strong and rangy. Melinda’s voice is jazzy and soulful. She has more finesse. I prefer her. Shane lays it on a little TOO thick at times. He could learn a thing or two about control from Melinda. Blake says Shane has a great “scream.” Hm. That’s one way to put it. He’d pick Shane. John loves them both. But he’d also pick Shane. I DISAGREE. Gwen liked Melinda’s confidence, she calls Shane a phenomenon. Kelly Picks Shane but Saves Melinda. John Steals Melinda. John says Melinda has the “opportunity to upgrade.” But he would have picked Shane too, so… I’d stay with Kelly! John mentions he arranged music in college. Kelly says while he was in college, she was winning a singing show. Har. Melinda Stays with Kelly. 

Josie Jones vs Kat Hammock – Team Blake – Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver – This is Darius’ first singing show appearance ever! He’s watched the show for years. Blake pitted two old school teens together. Blake Shelton mentions losing a Grammy to “Wagon Wheel.” Josie lives on a farms and loves singers like Dolly and Tammy. Kat loves Billy Joel and…Bread. BREAD? She plays piano, covering Billy Joel for her Blind Audition. FUN FACT. Bill Danoff father of The Voice alum Owen Danoff co-wrote this song. Blake wants Kat to project more. Darius agrees. He reminds her that she needs to sing like it’s Madison Square Garden. Both need to loosen up on the chorus–including their body language. Josie and Kat are both putting their own twist on the song. Kat seems a little out of her element, though. Her voice is feathery soft, while Josie’s twang dominates. John calls it “sweet.” He finds Kat’s voice more intriguing, but Josie gave the better performance. Gwen thinks Kat would make a great record. She’d pick her. Kelly loved Josie’s controlled high harmony. She calls Kat’s voice “Angelic. Blake Picks Kat. I’m a little surprised!  He appreciates her unique voice. He claims she has a shot to win. Hmmm. Josie Jones is eliminated.

Khalea Lynee vs Zoe Upkins – Team Legend – The Boy is Mine – Brandy and Monica – His mentor Usher, is pretty happy to be back on The Voice. He coached a couple of seasons. He WON the show season 6 with Josh Kaufman. Khalea was a four chair turn. An Anita Baker inspired singer and single mom. Zoe joined Team Legend earlier in the episode. John sang to them both! There’s a big age difference 36 vs 16. John wants Khalea to “loosen the pocket.” He wants MORE from Zoe. He demonstrates. Usher assures Zoe she has a licence to let go. He suggests to both to treat the duet as a conversation. Usher and John sing together and it’s pretty cool. Usher said there is something to be said for being 36. And he’s got a point. Khalea brings a lifetime of singing to her performance. Zoe is good, but still has more to learn. Gwen is impressed by Zoe mature stage presence. Gwen gives it to her. Kelly loves both singers. Kelly promises to steal! Blake appreciates, maturily, experience and confidence. He picks Khalea. John Picks Khalea. He considers her the most versatile. John Saves Zoe Kelly and Gwen Steal.  John says he messed up pairing them up. “Please do not leave me!” Kelly loves her “little swag” and reminds her that she’s won the show with young girls. Gwen says, “You don’t want a coach that messed up!” Zoe Stays with John

Caroline Reilly – 16 – Cummin  Ga – Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane – While Caroline is singing there ‘s a big discussion about whether she’s young or not. It’s one of those deals where viewers don’t see her either. Gwen is looking for a “little girl.” Blake and Kelly convince her she’s young. When Gwen hits her button, it appears that Caroline is pretty young. Her voice isn’t special, though. But it seems all Gwen cares about at this point, is finding a youngin.  As it turns out, Caroline loves the classic and contemporary rockers. Gwen is probably a good pick for her. Gwen Fills Her Team.

Ty Mauro – 26 – Los Angeles CA – Let’s Stay Together by Al Green – Ty is an EMT in LA by day. He likes not being stuck at a desk. But what he really wants is music! His entire family is musical. He played in a high school band.  He considers The Voice his last shot. Hm. I smell a no chair turn. His voice is very odd. And Gwen is looking for a “little girl.” Yep. No Turns. Gwen says he looks nothing like his voice. Nobody is saying “my team is filled up.” I bet he didn’t perform close to the end. The consensus from the panel: Interesting voice, but some pitchy things. 


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