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The Voice 2019 Cross Battles Live Results

Tonight we find out who moves on!  John & Kelly have their saves available and Blake has his steal.

LB (Team Adam)  vs Jej (Team Kelly)

Hmm. This was the first battle, but they obviously want saves/steals here.  Adam tells LB he really wants them to stay.  He’s sad he’s out of saves.  He believes LB deserves to move forward.  Kelly doesn’t want either of them to see this a loss, she thinks they are both brilliant.  America saved…….  Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)!  No surprise, Kelly vs. Adam will always win.  Jej didn’t deserve that after that mess last night.  LB’s ten second clock starts, he says it was a pleasure and he’s thankful.  LB is eliminated.  

John & Adam each have 3 artists, Blake & Kelly each have 4.


Kendra (Team Adam) vs.  Jimmy (Team Legend)

Hmmm.  Kendra deserves this, but I think Jimmy will take it because America hates Adam.  Possible steal here from Blake?  Adam says Kendra is incredible, gifted and talented.  Kendra was unbelievable last night.  John tells Jimmy it’s been fun working with him and watching him grow.  America saved…… Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend).  Seriously??  Kendra thanks Blake for turning his chair in the beginning and Blake uses his steal!  Kendra Checketts is now Team Blake!  Blake says it’s time for Kendra to come home.  Blake is glad to have her back.  All steals are now no longer in play.


Shawn Sounds (Team Legend) vs.  Karly Moreno (Team Blake)

Um, Shawn is winning this.  But America is voting weird tonight so let’s see.  John loves working with Shawn, he continues to surprise and impress him.  Blake says Karly makes everyone happy when she gets on the stage, she’s different and he hopes she stays.  America saved….  Shawn Sounds (Team Legend).  There are no steals, so Karly says she was blessed to have this experience, it was helpful and amazing.  Karly Mareno is eliminated.  

Last night, 8 pairs of singers from across Team Kelly Clarkson, Team John Legend, Team Adam Levine and Team Blake Shelton. Viewers voted overnight for their favorite singers. Tonight, the winners will be revealed. Additionally, each coach will have one save and one steal to use. Artists who survive will advance to the Top 24.

For the first time live results from cross battles!  One coach could potentially lose most of their team.

We open the show with a performance by the newest coach John Legend.  (Sorry for the small delay, had a technical malfunction).

Results:  Kim vs. Betsy  

Quick look at Kim vs Betsy from last night, quick clips of performances and coach’s comments.  The two ladies meet in center stage.  Carson asks for Blake’s last words for Kim.  He says he’s honored that she chose him as her coach, fun journey, blast, she’s showcased her talent. Kelly tells Betsy she hopes America votes her through.  She’s so talented and just in case this is not the end.

In Carson’s hand is the name of the artist America saved!  America saved Kim Cherry from Team Blake.  Big hug from Blake to Kim.  Carson explains that each coach will only have 10 seconds to decide on save or a steal, and the artists will have 10 seconds to say goodbyes.  Carson asks Betsy for 10 seconds of last words, and we have two steals.  What?.. John and Adam both press their buttons.  Adam says he’s wanted to work with her from the beginning.  He’s a fan.  John tells her he loves her energy, spirit, and her voice.  Begs her to come back home.  Now it’s decision time!  Betsy Ade is now Team Adam!  (Still can’t believe Adam wasted his steal on Besty, that performance last night was not good).

Results:  Matthew vs. Domenic 

Now we take another look at the battle between Matthew and Domenic.  Kelly says she can’t see Matthew going home, and she hopes America heard him properly.  Adam says he doesn’t know how it’s going to shake out, but he can’t imagine a world where he is not on Team Adam.  America saved…..  Matthew Johnson from Team Kelly!  (Um,  wow Domenic deserved to win that!)  Domenic is available to steal or save.  The 10-second window starts, and Adam instantly uses hissave.  So, Adam has used both his steal and his save in the first 5 minutes of the show.  Adam said it just wouldn’t be right to let him go, he couldn’t stomach.   Domenic stays Team Adam.  

Results:  Maelyn vs. Rod 

John believes in Maelyn so much, her voice is so special, her artistry is so impressive.  She has a special gift.  Adam tells Rod it hasn’t been long, but he went toe to toe with Maelyn, who’s a front row.  He’s incredible and deserves to be on the show no matter what.  America saved…. Maelyn Jarmon from Team Legend!  (So far the only right result).  Rod’s 10-second clock starts, Rod thanks Adam, and 3 seconds in there’s a steal.  Kelly hits her button, what?  the coaches are using their steals awfully early.   Kelly says the fact that he sang that song he deserves to stay.  Rod Stokes is now Team Kelly!  

Results:  Celia vs. Oliv

Celia and Oliv come center stage after recap.  Hm.. 10 bucks says Team Blake is winning this.  Adam tells Celia she’s amazing, and this is the beginning of her journey and regardless of what happens this is what she should be doing.  Blake believes in fate, and he thinks there’s a reason she ended up on his team.  He’s proud and honored to be her coach.  America saved…..  Oliv Blu from Team Blake!  (SHOCKER)  Celia’s available to steal.  Celia thanks Adam for this experience, and a STEAL from John Legend about half-way through.  John reminds us that he turned for Celia and she’s going to keep winning after this.  Celia is now Team Legend!

Um, so far NO ONE has gone home.

See which ComeBack stage artist advances on the Voice official app.

Results: Presley vs.  Kayslin

After their recaps, the two youngsters take center stage.  Kelly says Presley was at her best last night, she’s 16 and she came out with the volume, range, confidence.  She can’t wait for her career.  John has loved working with Kayslin, she’s special and powerful, she has swagger he loves her watching on stage.  America saved….. Presley Tennent from Team Kelly!  (No surprise, but the right result).  Kayslin’s 10 second clock starts, she is grateful for the experience and all that John has done for her.  She thanks everyone.  Kayslin Victoria is the first eliminated artist.  

Results:  Lisa vs. Karen

(Let’s see if Kelly wins this despite the fact that Karen sucked last night).  Recaps are over, time for results.  John says Lisa lights up every room she’s in, her stage presence and voice is so great.  Her light just beams out energy to everyone around her.  Kelly tells Karen she’s a hard worker, she learns and takes criticism well.  She has no fears for her after this show.  America saved….. Lisa Ramey from Team Legend!  (Wow, Kelly got beat?)  Karen thanks Kelly for the opportunity and for being a geniune human being and a great coach.  Karen Garena is eliminated.  

Now we get the coaches being described by the contestants and fellow coaches in one word.  Adam gets word like gifted, sexy, rockstar, dumb.  Blake’s word redneck, jokester, brother, unattractive.  Kelly’s words:  magical, wild, energetic, sunshine.  John Legend:  genuine, classy, gentleman, smooth.  (Sorry I couldn’t get all the words it was really fast!  Picked a few highlights)

Results:  Mari vs.  Selkii

If Selkii wins this America is going to vote for Team Blake no matter what haha).  Another quick recap of their battle.  Adam loves Mari, she’s so special and he can’t bare the thought of not having her on his team.  Her voice is unbelievable, she’s a performer, entertainer.  Blake says Selkii is one of his favorite artists he’s ever worked with; her attitude, work ethic, talent.  America saved….. Mari from Team Adam!  (Whoa!  Right result!)  Selki says thank you she feels like a winner.  Blake hits his save button.  Selki stays Team Blake!  Blake believes in her and wants her to go to the lives.

Last result of the night next!

Results:  Dexter vs. Andrew

(Dexter is winning this).  Final quick recap of last night.  Blake is a fan of Dexter.  He tells him he’s one of the best country singers that has ever walked across the stage, last night’s performance solidified that.  Adam tells Andrew that if he doesn’t advance he should go to Nashville and get a record deal.  He’s incredible with range and power.  Wishes him the best.  America saved…. Dexter Roberts from Team Blake!  (Yep).  Andrew thanks Adam for everything and it’s been incredible, and insane.  Andrew Jannakos is eliminated.  

Join us live next Monday for the remaining artists to go head to head and perform!

Recap of teams:

Team Adam:


Betsy Ade (steal from Kelly)

Domenic (save)


Team Blake:

Kim Cherry

Oliv Blu

Selki (save)

Dexter Roberts

Team Kelly:

Matthew Johnson

Rod Stokes (steal from Adam)

Presley Tennant

Team Legend:

Maelyn Jarmon

Celia Babini (steal from Adam)

Lisa Ramey


Kayslin Victoria (Team John)

Karen Garena (Team Kelly)

Andrew Jannakos (Team Adam)

Anyone else not surprised that Team Blake escapes unscathed?

Adam, Kelly, and John used their steals.  Only Blake has one left for next week.

Adam and Blake used their saves, only 2 for next week from John and Kelly.

So next week only 3 contestants will be saved from elimination.

See you next Monday!

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