The Voice 2019 BATTLE ROURNDS Performances

The Voice 2019 Battle rounds 

Melinda Rodriguez v Shane Q – Team Kelly – Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith –  Kelly says that she’s never “done something like this” with another singing show alum. Erm.

She was Jennifer Hudson’s mentor the season before she came a coach? Hm. Normani, Kelly’s mentor, was a teen when she competed on X Factor USA as a member of Simon Cowell’s manufactured girl group, Fifth Harmony. They went on to great success. She says the experience prepared her for the “real world.” Both singers have big ranges, so she picked a big song. Normani worked with Sam Smith! Shane works with disabled people by day, and hits the clubs at night. He was a four chair turn. Melinda is a jazz singer, finishishing her masters degree. Her brother is waiting for a heart transplant. She sang an Eva Cassidy inspired version of “What a Wonderful World.” Kelly feels Melinda has to get out of her head. Normani mentions they have to be in the same pocket. They work with Shane on his breath control–Normani suggests he use falsetto.

We see the pair at stage rehearsal. Kelly is so impressed, she’s crying.  They are both good! So it’s good one of them gets stolen, telegraphed before the break! Shane’s voice is strong and rangy. Melinda’s voice is jazzy and soulful. She has more finesse. I prefer her. Shane lays it on a little TOO thick at times. He could learn a thing or two about control from Melinda. Blake says Shane has a great “scream.” Hm. That’s one way to put it. He’d pick Shane. John loves them both. But he’d also pick Shane. I DISAGREE. Gwen liked Melinda’s confidence, she calls Shane a phenomenon. Kelly Picks Shane but Saves Melinda. John Steals Melinda. John says Melinda has the “opportunity to upgrade.” But he would have picked Shane too, so… I’d stay with Kelly! John mentions he arranged music in college. Kelly says while he was in college, she was winning a singing show. Har. Melinda Stays with Kelly. 

Josie Jones vs Kat Hammock – Team Blake – Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver – This is Darius’ first singing show appearance ever! He’s watched the show for years. Blake pitted two old school teens together. Blake Shelton mentions losing a Grammy to “Wagon Wheel.” Josie lives on a farms and loves singers like Dolly and Tammy. Kat loves Billy Joel and…Bread. BREAD? She plays piano, covering Billy Joel for her Blind Audition. FUN FACT. Bill Danoff father of The Voice alum Owen Danoff co-wrote this song. Blake wants Kat to project more. Darius agrees.

He reminds her that she needs to sing like it’s Madison Square Garden. Both need to loosen up on the chorus–including their body language. Josie and Kat are both putting their own twist on the song. Kat seems a little out of her element, though. Her voice is feathery soft, while Josie’s twang dominates. John calls it “sweet.” He finds Kat’s voice more intriguing, but Josie gave the better performance. Gwen thinks Kat would make a great record. She’d pick her. Kelly loved Josie’s controlled high harmony. She calls Kat’s voice “Angelic. Blake Picks Kat. I’m a little surprised!  He appreciates her unique voice. He claims she has a shot to win. Hmmm. Josie Jones is eliminated. 

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