The Voice Season 15 Finale Results: Winner Revealed!

The Voice 2018 Season 15 Winner

The Voice Season 15 Final 4 performed LIVE last night for your votes for the very last time. 

Who WILL Win?

This is a tough one! I agree with the Top 2, but not sure about the order….hm… I have to make a decision, I know.  Still think Chris could come in third. He’s been underestimated all season.

  1. Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly 40.95%
  2. Kirk Jay – Team Blake 37.38%
  3. Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer 17.62%
  4. Chris Kroeze – Team Blake 4.05%

The Voice Season 15 – Finale – Who SHOULD Win?

  1. Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly 40.43%
  2. Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer 33.49%
  3. Kirk Jay – Team Blake 22.73%
  4. Chris Kroeze – Team Blake 3.35%

 I predict Chevel Shepherd will win The Voice. Kirk comes in second, Chris comes in third, Kennedy comes in 4th

Along with several of this season’s contenders, the jam-packed finale will also feature the following star performers: Panic! at the Disco, Hudson and Clarkson duo, John Legend (incoming coach for next season) and Esperanza Spalding, Marshmello and Bastille, Dierks Bentley, Halsey, Mark Ronson with Miley Cyrus and Season 14 champ Brynn Cartelli. For this year’s final four, Chevel sings with Dan + Shay, Chris performs with Doobie Brothers, Kennedy sings with Kelly Rowland and Kirk performs with Rascal Flatts.

The Voice 2018 Season 15 Winner live blog

8:00 p.m. – It’s finally time to see who the Season 15 champ is! After Carson Daly introduced the finalists, he quickly launched into a recap from last night. Apparently we will be watching some of those performances in full once again.

8:05 p.m. – I’ll continue to make updates as new things happen, but it looks as though the first part of this finale will be a repeat of last night.

Kicking off the real fun, Kennedy has joined Kelly Rowland to sing a duet of her hit “When Love Takes Over.” I love this duet partner for Kennedy because I love Kelly and Kennedy feels like a little Beyonce in training. It’s also nice to see them start off with a fun dance song to energize the crowd. They’re backed up by a full dance crew and streamers flying down from the rafters. Fun start!

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9:10 p.m. – Carson asked the coaches how they felt last night went. Adam was blown away by how Kennedy closed the show with “Confident,” but can’t pick a winner in this tightly contested competition. Blake feels fortunate to have worked with Chris and Kirk and says they remind him of himself when he was younger. Jennifer is proud of Kennedy for being so young and focused. She was born to be a star. Kelly said she will try her best to help make Chevel’s dreams come true no matter what.

9:30 p.m. – Up next four of the season’s most soulful vocalists are back to perform together: DeAndre Nico (Team Adam), MaKenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer), Patrique Fortson (Team Jennifer) and Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly) are singing “Declaration (This is It!)” by gospel great Kirk Franklin. This performance has all kinds of crazy vocal runs and belts than any true fan of gospel adores. SANG! I’m glad they brought Patrique back considering he was eliminated before the Top 13. He should have definitely gone further. The group performance was fantastic! They should tour as a quartet.

Chris is being joined by rock legends The Doobie Brothers to collaborate on a song Chris performed earlier this season, “Long Train Runnin’.” Four guitar players jamming on stage and belting out the lyrics definitely adds to the excitement of the song. This is great. Chris definitely looks more comfortable as part of a band. I enjoyed that.

Last year’s champ Brynn Cartelli is up now singing her new single “Last Night’s Mascara.” She looks great, playing guitar as she sings. She appears to really have come into her own as an artist, but will this song actually be a hit? I’m waiting for one of these winners make a big splash in the music industry like so many did from “American Idol” back in the day. Brynn has really come along way as far as stage presence is concerned and she’s got a ton of energy. Good performance by the reigning champ. Apparently Brynn just signed a new record deal with Atlantic Records and will be going on tour with her former coach Kelly along with Kelsea Ballerini. Perhaps 2019 will be a big year for her?

10:00 p.m. – Panic! At the Disco is next up on stage performing their single “Hey Look Ma, I Made It.” The song is just okay but I like the way this guy dances around the stage while he sings. They quickly move right into their smash “High Hopes.” This one is definitely bring energy to the crowd and is a welcome jolt of excitement at the midway point tonight.

10:15 p.m. – EGOT winner and a coach next season, John Legend is in the house with jazz superstar Esperanza Spalding for a performance of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Y’all remember when Esperanza beat out Justin Bieber for the Best New Artist Grammy and teenagers ’round the world lost their minds? Good memories. Anyways, this is a cool, laid back interpretation of this song to get everyone in the holiday spirits.

10:20 p.m. – Now two powerhouse coaches, Jennifer and Kelly, are joining forces for the Christmas classic “O Holy Night.” What a great song for them to collaborate on. I’ve hoped all season they would sing something together. I don’t know WHAT they are wearing, they look like a fairy and the Angel of Death fell into a chicken coop. Thankfully they are here to sing which is all that really matters. Jennifer really seemed to hold back on the power notes I wonder if she’s not all there vocally tonight. It was alright, but I had hoped for more.

10:30 p.m. – Chevel is taking the stage with Dan + Shay, performing their #1 country single “Speechless.” She looks stunning and sounds great singing this song with them. She’s gonna be huge in country music whether she wins tonight or not. The girl just shines on stage and sounds fantastic.

10:50 p.m. – Halsey is performing now, incorporating some sort of interpretive dance into her song “Without Me.” She’s got paint all over her body but seeing it spread all over her white shorts and top just make it look like she escaped a bloody massacre. This whole performance is sort of erotic, definitely weird and I’m not sure what to think of it.

10:55 p.m. – Finally some results! After an incredible season it is now time to find out who will win it all. The artist in fourth place is…Kennedy Holmes. The artist in third place is…Kirk Jay. Whoa! What??? Chris or Chevel is The VOICE. We will find out after the commercial break.

The winner of Season 15 of “The Voice” is…Chevel Shepherd! Kelly Clarkson is a back-to-back coaching champ and remains undefeated. Chris Kroeze takes second place. I’m not shocked Chevel won and she’s a deserving champion. Kelly is a beast! Congrats to both. I am shocked Kirk placed third after being the front-runner for so long. I’m sure both him and Kennedy will have plenty of opportunities from this experience. Congrats to Chevel! She looks like a star.

Fans react to The Voice 2018 Season 15 Winner

Josh Distad Chris Kroeze hands down is the most established consistent of the 4! Bring it home Chris! ON WISCONSIN!

Kelly Norlund Final 2 will be Chris and Chevel, with Chevel winning The Voice.

Nancy Jean Long Why do we need to watch an hour of the show we just saw last night!!!!!… ridiculous ..

Janice Marie We all have our favorite out of these four, but honestly I think any one of them could win and be deserving of it.

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