The Voice 2018 Season 15 Top 11 Revealed: Who Will Be Eliminated?

The Voice 2018 Season 15 Top 11 – Who Will Be Eliminated?

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The Voice 2018 Season 15 Top 11 

The Voice Season 15 Top 13 performed live  yesterday for your votes. Who will be Eliminated? Who will be advanced to The Voice 2018 Season 15 Top 11

Join us as we live blog The Voice season 15 Top 13 Results. Tonight, the Top 11 will be revealed. Who from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Jennifer Hudson will survive? Plus Team Adam and Team Kelly perform.

iTunes Charts

10. Kirk Jay – I’m Already There
22. Reagan Strange – You Say

Reagan Strange Sings "You Say" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

24. Tyke James – Everything I Do I Do For You (!!!)
42. Chevel Shepherd – Little White Church
56. Chris Kroeze – Let it Be
90. Kennedy Holmes – Wind Beneath My Wings
129. Sarah Grace – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
156. Deandre Nico – I Can Only Imagine
(The rest charted outside the Top 200)

Favorite Top 13 Performance

Kirk Jay – Team Blake – I’m Already There 21.16%
Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – Little White Church 15.83%
MacKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer – I Am Changing 8.98%
Reagan Strange – Team Adam – You Say 8.52%
Sarah Grace – Team Kelly – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 7.91%
Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer – Wind Beneath my Wings 7.61%
Tyke James – Team Adam – (Everything I Do) Do it For You 6.24%
Lynnea Moore – Team Kelly – Wolves 5.33%
SandyRedd – Team Jennifer – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday 5.18%
Chris Kroeze – Team Blake – Let it Be 4.11%
Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly – Diamonds 3.96%
DeAndre Nico – Team Adam – I Can Only Imagine 2.89%
Dave Fenley – Team Blake – Hard to Love 2.28%

The Voice 2018 Season 15 Top 11:

Tyke James – Team Adam – Public's vote
Dave Fenley – Team Blake – Public's vote
Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly – Public's vote
Chris Kroeze – Team Blake – Public's vote
DeAndre Nico – Team Adam – Public's vote  
MacKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer – 
Public's vote
Reagan Strange – Team Adam – Public's vote
Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer- Public's vote
Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – Public's vote
Sarah Grace – Team Kelly – Public's vote
Kirk Jay – Team Blake – Public's vote

Lynnea Moore – Team Kelly – America Instantly Saved!

The Voice 2018 Season 15 eliminated:

Sandy Redd – Team Jennifer
Tyke James – Team Adam

Viewer reactions:

Deanna Pobanz Chris Kroeze all the way Bless this soft hearted man who sings for our troops and dedicates his song to Jayme Closs a missing girl from Barron, tragic story. He is inspiring and truly genuine besides his voice is mesmerizing  He deserves to move on and keep wowing America and making all of us Wisconsinites proud

Megan Michelle Harmon I love all four of you. You have great tv chemistry, and you’re all genuine. Don’t listen to the mean comments. Keep being awesome and real.

Matthew Schaller Thankful for Blake, Adam, Jennifer, and Kelly!! I love the team this season! Jhud doesn't seem to be as over the top as last year. She's growing on me! It would be crazy to see someone from her team win

Bonnie Lynn I'm enjoying all the judges this year….wasn't so sure about Kelly and Blake last year…but they all seem to have a good rhythm this year!

Rodney Meisell Why did they stop voting at midnight? Instead of noon Tue. I have to work late on Mondays. So I get home watch on DVR start to vote on the app and find out it's too late. Not far. Bad enough they cut the field in half on the first night of lives.

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