The Voice 2018 Don't Stop Believing | Rayshun LaMarr | Blind Audition

The Voice 2018 Rayshun LaMarr – Don’t Stop Believing

The Voice 2018 Don't Stop Believing

Rayshun LaMarr sings Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" during his blind audition.

Viewers reaction:

Sharon A Healy enough with devias need to humble thy self and be a little more subdued disappointing I was exprecting more from kelly a little more class .
Jen Wirth Hate this year's Blocked thing it takes away from the singer's choice. It may seem fun/funny to watch. But the singer is the one that really loses in this and it's suppose to be about the voice not the mentor!

Cheryl Schaefer DON'T LIKE THE BLOCK THINGY!!!! Total fail!!!
I thought Kelly would be a great addition, but I was disappointed. She talks to much while saying nothing. I really
like her, but I don't think she's right for this show.
Rayshun is the only singer that gave me goosebumps. There
were some very good singers. Some I'll vote for. I'll see since
it's only the beginning of the season., love The Voice 2018 Don't Stop Believing

Kevin Burns How do u spell voice passion? Rayshun LaMarr. How do u spell winning Coach? Blake, Kelly, Alecia or Adam? Well this round it was Caribbean Adam. 
Get rid of the Block. Failed strategy right out of the blocks.

Cindy Rossell It wasn't just about his voice which was amazing but about his story to be a hodgins lymphoma survivor and be able to do the audition in the first place. His story is so inspirational. Loved Him…

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