Khalea Lynee and Zoe Upkins’ Duet Splits the Coaches, but It’s Up to John – The Voice Battles 2019

The Voice 17 Battle Khalea Lynee vs Zoe Upkins

The Battles begin! This season, each coach, for the first time gets a SAVE and a Steal. Now we meet the mentors blah blah blah. 

Khalea Lynee vs Zoe Upkins – Team Legend – The Boy is Mine – Brandy and Monica – His mentor Usher, is pretty happy to be back on The Voice. He coached a couple of seasons. He WON the show season 6 with Josh Kaufman. Khalea was a four chair turn. An Anita Baker inspired singer and single mom. Zoe joined Team Legend earlier in the episode. John sang to them both! There’s a big age difference 36 vs 16.

John wants Khalea to “loosen the pocket.” He wants MORE from Zoe. He demonstrates. Usher assures Zoe she has a licence to let go. He suggests to both to treat the duet as a conversation. Usher and John sing together and it’s pretty cool. Usher said there is something to be said for being 36. And he’s got a point. Khalea brings a lifetime of singing to her performance. Zoe is good, but still has more to learn. Gwen is impressed by Zoe mature stage presence.

Gwen gives it to her. Kelly loves both singers. Kelly promises to steal! Blake appreciates, maturily, experience and confidence. He picks Khalea. John Picks Khalea. He considers her the most versatile. John Saves Zoe Kelly and Gwen Steal.  John says he messed up pairing them up. “Please do not leave me!” Kelly loves her “little swag” and reminds her that she’s won the show with young girls. Gwen says, “You don’t want a coach that messed up!” Zoe Stays with John

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