The Sentimentalists Performs On America’s Got Talent 2019 Audition Tonight

The Sentimentalists America's Got Talent

The America`s Got talent 2019 auditions week 6 starts tonight with 10 contestants performance. The Sentimentalists will performs tonight in front the Judges and audiences.

These two are a fairly mediocre mentalist act, so why bring them back? Tonight, their bit is centered on touch. So of course, they bring Howie on stage. As he tries delicious desserts, the female mentalist guesses what he’s eating. She also guesses that Gabrielle is chewing bubble gum. Eh. She’s probably wearing an earpiece or something. This is boring. Wait. She didn’t guess Julianne’s correctly? I’m confused. This act can’t put together a cohesive bit. Julianne thought the act was sloppy. They have been from the beginning. Simon called it a “total mess.” Yeah. That was bad. 

Mysterion and Steffi Kay from The Sentimentalists return to win over the judges one more time!

Howie didn’t care for this act either. But they convinced Simon with one last trick. Steffie guesses that Brad chose a red marble out of a box. He becomes tonight’s volunteer. Brad is thinking of a photo from his phone. She guesses it’s a photo of a guitar and she’s correct. Brad is handed a piece of paper, which not only guesses the colors of the judges marbles, but also Brad’s guitar photo. Brad promises that he didn’t know a thing, “You aren’t getting anywhere near my wallet.” Howie is still not impressed, he doesn’t care for the presentation. Julianne promises to fight for them. 

The Sentimentalists is a mind readers, the couple have appeared on Penn & Teller Fool Us.

World renown mentalists The Sentimentalists achieve the impossible and become the only two person mentalism act in the world to fool Penn and Teller. It was an honour to be on the show and make magic history and herstory

The couple have appeared on Penn & Teller Fool Us. They are Steffie K and Mysterion. Steffie claims to have a mysterious relationship to her dead grandmother. “When Mysterion and I work together it magazines our powers,” she says. Sure.  He asks the audience and judges to draw something simple. Steffie has an image. She sees a tree. Oh look Gabrielle drew a tree. M drops the rest of the slips into a huge wind machine, in which Terry enters. He grabs one. And Steffie draws a heart, matching the image Terry grabbed. Hm. I bet all the slips somehow had hearts on them. Oh, but the attempt to prove it’s real by finding a person in the audience who drew a heart. Julianne calls them magical and mysterious. Howie found the presentation “weird.” Simon agrees with Howie. Uh oh. Simon thinks they need more imagination. There have definitely been better mentalists on AGT. Howie says No. Julianne and Gabrielle say yes. Mysterioso tries another trick to convince Simon. And Steffie guesses that Simon was thinking of the TV show Lassie. 3 yeses one no. Steffie “predicted” in their video package. 

The Sentimentalists: CNE antics

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