The Sacred Riana AGT Quarterfinals Performance Video Live Show

The Sacred Riana Scary Magician MULTPLE SACRED RIANAS QUARTERFINALS 2 America’s Got Talent 2018

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The Sacred Riana America's Got Talent Quarterfinals

After scaring off the competition and winning Asia's Got Talent season 2, Sacred Riana took part in America's Got Talent season 13 and spooked judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B (her new target after Anggun) and Howie Mandel enough to get her into the America's Got Talent Live Shows or quarterfinal rounds.

The Live Shows airs every Thursday at 6pm on AXN Asia (Astro Channel 701/ 721) and encores at 8pm.

The Live Results Show airs every Friday at 6pm and encores at 8pm.

The Sacred Riana: Frightening, Scary, Terrifying Magician Scares Mel B 

Freaky Ring Girl Winner of Asia's Got Talent 2017 The Sacred Riana! Re-live all the creepy, scary and terrifying auditions and performances on Asia's Got Talent.

The Sacred Riana Scary Magician FIRE & MULTPLE SACRED RIANAS QUARTERFINALS 2 performance.

The Sacred Riana and full judges comments and more or multiple Rianas

The Sacred Riana America's Got Talent Quarterfinals

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Viewer reactions:

Amber Clements Oh my Lord. She is not demonic. She does illusion magic. Yes its creepy. Thats the point. Relax and smile and let loose little. Get the sand outta your butcrack and have a little fun for once.

Christine Bernier I enjoy her act. She's creepy sure But that's the point. She does shock magic. Paranormal type stuff. It's unique. Everyone likes different things though and that's fine. I hope people vote and keep her around

Ashlie Diard I love how uppity and uncomfortable she makes people. She's great at her craft and she's definitely unique. People complain every week about singers but when an act pops up that isn't mainstream it's enough to make people stop watching. I don't get it. Enjoy it or don't but stop complaining about every little thing.

Joe Herald This is a stunning act, she is very skilled. Well developed, staged and presented. If there are not Las Vegas talent agents watching this I'd be surprised. This would sell well in Las Vegas.

Mari Megrdichian If any haters do not like her. Don’t watch it. I like her and this is new. There’s nothing wrong with different unique illusionists. I loooove this act because she makes me jump. Ive seen her win Asias. I hope she wins AGT

Sarah Bahe I'm beginning to wish there was a rule that if you have been in similar large-scale talent shows, you are ineligible from ones like it. This girl won Asia AGT, apparently. The 13 (14?) year old "shy" singer who is a recreated Janis Joplin was on the finals in Britain's The Voice. Come ON. Isn't the purpose to give NEW talent a chance??

Ana Maeve O'Donnell I agree with Heidi. She did one magic trick that wasn't even that good. When the other girls started chasing her I started cracking up laughing! The whole act was ridiculous in my opinion, and I'm tired of the judges pretending to be mystified when AGT obviously asked her to come on the show

Dana Whitner She got my votes! I like her. It’s different then the norm. Frankly I don’t care that she won on a different show. She has talent. And seriously if you can sit there and say she wasn’t better then the cats or the belly guys?

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