Lions Fan : Refs Cheating Detroit Over & Over Again

If you were wondering why Detroit fans were so upset with how the game against the Packers played out Monday night, it’s because it hasn’t been the first time the Lions were going up against the zebras in addition to the other team…


Viewer reaction:

Donnie Hill Every game has bad calls. However, the ones at the end are the worst. You can say this or that about whether it affected the outcome, but when there's a minute and a half left and that one horrible call directly changes the scoreboard on the final drive of the game, well, it sucks. That's the ones that have to be absolutely correct, and it isn't just the refs. It's the people in the replay booth making bad calls, and some of the rules need to be adjusted.

Tony Winger Oh my gawd. Score more points and you won't have to worry about a few missed calls. The refs get one shot at making a call in full speed trying to watch 22 players. We are all sitting in a stadium or at home watching from every angle, in super slow mo..high definition. Give me a break and give the refs a break. There's a human element to the game. There always will be. Get over it.

Kody Nicholson That very first clip shows you how bad the NFL is. Not just because they missed a blatant down by contact call but the fact that they refused to review it because Schwartz threw his challenge flag and then punished the team for trying to correct the refs by challenging their obvious wrong call. The NFL doesn’t want correct calls. They want their refs to be right. And nothing will ever get fixed until that changes and it won’t because they Roger would have to admit he was wrong.

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