The Newest Manning Looks Primed To Be The Next Great Family QB And He’s Only In 7th Grade

When Eli Manning the NFL will be without one for the first time since 1998, but by the looks of it, it won’t be long before the league gets another.

Brother of Peyton and Eli Manning, Cooper, is the lesser of the known sons of Archie Manning thanks to a spinal stenosis diagnosis early during college. Though Cooper never made it to the high level as a football player, he’s priming his son to.

Arch Manning is only in 7th grade at Newman Middle School in Louisiana, but his arm strength, size and mechanics are already impressive.

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Shawn Frymoyer Tom Brady is too busy playing in the Super Bowl to teach his son at the moment … all the Mannings got all the time in the world

Joe Riordon Kid throws a football a crap load better than this guy writes an article, and he’s in 7th grade, and probably doesn’t use run on sentences while calling himself a writer, and probably knows when to put a period, and not a comma, and start a new sentence

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