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The Most Popular Kitten Names of 2015


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If you are looking for the right name to suit your kitten then look no further! Vetstreet have just released the top 10 most popular male and female kittens names from 2015 based on the 652,536 kitten names stored on their database.

If a kitten joined your family recently why not take a look and see whether their name has made the list.

Norwegian Forest kitten

Top 10 Female Kitten Names

10. Daisy

9. Gracie

8. Lily

7. Nala

6. Callie

5. Chloe

4. Kitty

3. Lucy

2. Bella

1. Luna

cute ginger kitten 2

Top 10 Male Kitten Names

10. Kitty

9. Tiger

8. Jack

7. Smokey

6. Simba

5. Milo

4. Leo

3. Max

2. Charlie

1. Oliver

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