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The Kitten From the Street to my Home

The Kitten From the Street to my Home
Robin Seplut is a kind man who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties (and videoing them). Even when he comes across cats that are weary of human company, he does his best to feed them and care for them.

Last week, I showed you a video of a kitten that Robin had spotted on the street, he believed that this kitty had been abandoned by a human as he was quite friendly and seemed used to human company, but thought that he would manage okay living with the other community cats. Since then Robin changed his mind about leaving him on the street and brought the kitten home where he is now waiting to be adopted by a local man. It’s a lovely sight to see him meeting Robin’s own cats and having fun playing. I do so love a story with a happy ending.

Click here to meet a tiny kitten that Robin saved in a rain storm

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