The Ingraham Angle : Reince Priebus on replacing Gary Cohn and Hope Hicks

The Ingraham Angle Tonight

Reince Priebus on replacing Gary Cohn and Hope Hicks

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Sean Hannity FOX News Today March 12, 2018

Tucker Carlson Tonight FOX News Today March 12, 2018

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Place your bets!  Who will be the next rat to flee from the sinking Trump White House????   The Traitor-in-Chief did promise he would drain the Washington swamp, he just didn't say that everyone being drained would be people that he himself had hired.     It is too funny to watch.  Somebody pass me the popcorn as we stay tuned to see who either quits, is fired, gets indicted, or pleads guilty to having committed a felony and starts cooperating with Robert Mueller.   LMAO

Jo lhoenix
"Free Trade Dorsn't Work" by ian Fletcher ..a must read ..even King Henry the 8th wrote about it and he was clear it Doesn't work of the wealthy nation the beneficiary is Globalist ,  Global Internationale Corporations that pay NO TAX

George Horn I love being a Christian..I can lie, have adultery as much as I fact, I can commit any sin I want because I am saved by the blood of Jesus….it is too bad every person that is not a Christian will burn in hell forever…

Rozelle Coin She is such a vile person. What she doesn't seem to have a clue about is god is not the one to be making fun of .He may decide to let her know who has the power and it is not ABC and the View.

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