The Ingraham Angle July 12th: Rudy Giuliani Reacts to Strzok Hearing – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

The Ingraham Angle July 12th: Rudy Giuliani Reacts to Strzok Hearing

Rudy Giuliani, attorney for President Trump, speaks out about FBI Agent Peter Strzok's House testimony on 'The Ingraham Angle' and says the Trump team is 'farther away' from a possible interview with Mueller.

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Marry Kelly If democrat's heads don't roll over all this treason, republican's heads will … the voters won't stand for it anymore. The biased, corrupt, hypocritical and traitorous democratic party, is a complete embarrassment to all all U.S. citizens!

Karen Turner
Strozk exhibits classic pathological narcissism/psycopathic behavior, obvious at first glance by his continuous smirk and attempt to create "cognitive dissonance" in his listeners.. which doesn't happen with anyone listening who has any common sense! However, after a strong start with Goodlatte and Gowdy that had Strzok shaking, it deteriored at one specific point when Goodlatte got a bit caught up in the Dem's chaos and unfortunately allowed Strzok to recover his arrogant composure and continue with a renewed voice where his lying speech came out much stronger. At this point, I could actually see the momentum go to Strzok unfortunately… And then the real hit to us happened when Goodlatte did not respond to Strzok's claim to have disassociated his personal beliefs with any actions. What should have been stated emphatically at that point was to bring up the "No, we'll stop it", referring to Trump's being elected, which clearly demonstrates a direct connection to his beliefs being strongly proven to influence his actions. Why no Republican after that did not point that out, made me watch with frustration. From there, the verbal attacks w/ almost all involved distracted from that MAJOR issue that should have been the strong focus that would have kept Strzok shivering instead of allowing him to become more clever and sound convincing to those who do not have common sense in his total BS responses! Plus no one pointed out that Strzok contradicted himself about saying he did not remember sending that text in direct opposition to what he said later about why he worded that text in that specific way! These grown men got too caught up in their emotions to where their logic went out the window! My perspective is that was not the win for us it could have been, frustrating!

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