The Ingraham Angle December 20 2019 : House Democrats on Trial

The Ingraham Angle December 20, 2019

It’s time to put House Democrats on trial

They are attempting to impeach him for nothing. A thought crime. He never withheld the aid and just asked for an investigation into Bidens shady deals. If what Trump did was impeachable then what Biden did would make him unelectable. You can’t have it both ways. Trump did nothing. Biden however bragged about withholding aid if they didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating the washed up drug addict Hunter Biden

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Reaction from Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.

Senator Mitch McConnell delivers a statement on the House vote to impeach President Trump.

Viewer reaction:

Richard Getman High crimes and Misdemeanors, Ignoring the antics of a bunch of adolescent bureaucrats and rantings socialist bent on obstruction is not a high crime. It is wrong to give validation to such a blatant abuse of power by the left, who consider over half of a America to be unworthy of representation in any of it.

Chris Price There’s been enuff citizens tax dollers spent lets cut to the chase millions of people now they have broke multiple laws put them in prison there’s plenty of evidence already an make them “dem” pay back citizens tax dollars for abusing the money for nonsense my prayers are with you MR.TRUMP thank you for all you do for us. Trump 2020

Robert Jodsaas You were elected to do what you are doing. Keep doing what you are doing. Genius…. you have to love when a plan comes together! These fools you are exposing still don’t know how bad it’s gonna get for them. Again! You sir are genius!

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