The Ingraham Angle August 1st 2018 Fox News 8/1/2018

The Ingraham Angle 8/1/2018: The defenders of lawlessness

The Ingraham Angle August 1st 2018 

Portland mayor accused of denying emergency police help for ICE employees; former acting ICE director Thomas Homan speaks out on 'The Ingraham Angle

This is totally out of control and it's backfiring on the Democrats.

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Viewers reactions:

Kelly Mikellyt Arrest that Portland Mayor and the rest of the criminal liberal jerks across the US,they are menace to the western society.

John Grytbakk
WHERE is the President in restoring the Republic back to the rule of law and justice for all????

WHERE are you Mr President?????? And WHY haven't you fired and replaced the FAILURE AG???? Clean up your OWN mess, Mr President. DO SOMETHING, not just whine on Twitter like a pathetic little girl

Otihand The Broad
Thomas Homan is the face of how immigration enforcement is in this country. Patriot through and through, strong, and caring, but drowning in bullshit made up by already incomplete law and the left. God Bless this man giving a voice to ICE. God Bless ICE!

As much as Democrats try to be positive in public regarding immigration. Democrats hate immigrants behind closed doors more than Trump and Fox news. The reason they don't wanna coming out, is because democrats wanna be secretive about their positions which Fox news and Trump making better case for immigration in public. The more fox news report about the immigration matters. the more people will come out or stand up to file law suits against American Gov. See the bigger picture. Dems try to keep the dignity of America in private. But Trump and fox news is making these immigrants like the victim of racism. If Trump and others do these things in private  to keep out people from America and American borders. Democrats will support them in private. The reason Democrats don't wanna agree with Trump and fox news. Because they don't wanna look bad in public eyes. Trump could do things ten times worse than what Obama did. Just do it in private. This what Democrats wants from Trump for a long time.

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