The Ingraham Angle 12/19/18

The Ingraham Angle 12 19 18

Laura Ingraham sounds off on Judge Emmet Sullivan's harsh words for Michael Flynn when he delayed his sentencing hearing

In a joint letter to President Donald J. Trump, Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, and Marco Rubio joined Independent Senator Angus King, and Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen in urging the Trump administration to reconsider withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria

The hypocrisy in Washington when it comes to lying, particularly when it comes to the media's reaction to Michael Flynn.

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Viewer reactions:

Rebecca Ann Buckner · Chris Tremoglie I used to do Angel Tree every year. I had the same family for 3 years. Started out with 5 kids and they had 2 more while working class people like me provided them with Christmas gifts. I know people personally who go to every free toy spot in town. Their kids have 10 times more toys and clothes than our kids ever had.

LeAnn Swinehart I feel bad and sad for our President. He can’t seem to win. No matter what he does he is slammed. I hope he stands strong in his faith and continues to do his very best for our country despite the constant negativity. I pray for his lovely wife and children and grandchildren.

David Rhinehart Amazing how the democrats have no problem with obama giving Iran 150 billion dollars to help fund terrorism, yet have a problem with Trump asking for 5 billion dollars to help fight terrorism. Why is that?

Mark Daly Mr. Trump, I have never supported you more. Now we will see who cares about our Troops. We have been all over the middle-east in the last 14 years. Time to bring the Troops home.

Amber Renee' McBride For all the people bitching about his decision… It like to know what branch of the military you are in and how long you have served?

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