The Future Kings Dance Group with Cute Little Boy SIMON’S FAVORITE ACT America’s Got Talent 2018

The Future Kings Dance Group with Cute Little Boy SIMON'S FAVORITE ACT. This is the Full segment of performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions or AGT Season 13 Episode 3

The Future Kings – Hip Hop Dance Troop – The group is made up of guys who met in high school.Plus a seven year old kid. The leader started the group with his brothers on the mean streets of Chicago. The brother had a song and he had to quit. Four years later, the brother returned. Oh. So that little boy is his son. The bros cry describing their relationship. The group’s talents are modest. But the little kid is cute. Mel B liked their choreography. Heidi liked their energy. Howie says they exude joy. Simon calls them powerful. It was his favorite act of the day. Well, OK then. – 4 yeses

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