The Four 2018 Season 2 Ronnie Smith Jr Sings “U Don't Have To Call"

Ronnie Smith Jr Sings “U Don’t Have To Call’ – The Four 2018

Ronnie Smith Jr sings “U Don't Have To Call” . This the full segment or full performance and judges comments for this contestant or challenger on The Four Season 2 Episode 5

25 – Miami FL – U Don’t Have to Call by Usher – His family has been in the “mortuary” business for 40 years. His uncle just opened a funeral home, and that’s where he works now. He drives the hearse, etc. He sang for the first time at a funeral. He’s in line to take over the business, but his heart is in business. He’s VERY CONFIDENT he won’t leave The Four without a seat. Hm. Diddy wants to know if funeral homes are “scary.”  Ronnie is very Usher-like. Nice voice, pretty falsetto. Not super original. But good enough to challenge…and lose probably. He’s super tall and thin! (6′ 5′).  Khaled says he definitely can sing “Incredible.” Meghan says riffs are clean, and she complimented his falsetto. Diddy wonders how bad he really wants it. “Ain’t no time to be cool.” – 3 blue rings Ronnie Challenges James

Ronnie Smith Jr – Let Me Love You by Mario – Oooh. He looks a little scared. He’s a good singer. Very good in fact, but he’s not matching James passion. Not even a little. Her brings it on near the end. But still. In a singing competition, the singer with the biggest notes win. The end. 

Meghan liked Ronnie’s song choice, but says he doesn’t need dance moves for every single word.  She says James knows what he’s doing and always surprises her. Diddy doesn’t have time to play! He disagrees with Meghan. He thinks Ronnie grew with the second song. He wanted more emotion from James. WHAT. Wrong. JAMES CLEARLY won that challenge. And the audience knew it.  James Won the Challenge. Ronnie is Eliminated 

Khaled says The Four are holding on to their seats longer this season. No kidding. That’s not an accident considering the challengers are mostly cannon fodder. The producers want some fan favorites to stick around, obviously. 

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