The Four 2018 Season 2 Noahsings Sings The Middle

Jesse Kramer vs Noah Barlass “Nothing Compares 2 U” The Four Season

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 26 – Welch OK – The Middle by Zedd and Maren Morris – Describing himself as a pop/R&B singer, Noah says he comes from a real small Oklahoma town. He grew up on a farm. But it was hard for him to be “himself.” He didn’t do rodeos or play football.  At 17, he “ran away” to Nashville. He’s terrified to be rejected. But he knows he needs to step out. Her performs a slinky souled up version of the song. He’s good. Nice tone and phrasing. REALLY nice phrasing. “You are so different in the best way,” says Meghan, “You had this crazy powerful voice…you’re really talented.” Diddy didn’t like his stage presence, the way he “walked around the stage.” Meghan argues with him a bit. “We’re here to actually have a vocal fight…I want to see a fight.” I’m not sure what he’s asking for? Diddy’s fake drama is tiresome. Khaled couldn’t believe the notes he hit in the minute. He felt his confidence. “You’ve got to fight for your life.” after the break we learn that Noah gets 3 blue rings and Challenges Jesse

Noah Barless – Who You Are by Jessie J – Uh yeah. Noah is smoking Jesse. He’s just hands down a better singer. I mean, who cares if he doesn’t move around the stage. LISTEN TO THAT DANG VOICE. He deserves a seat. Meghan is on her feat. The crowd is chanting.

Khaled says he likes his authenticity and the crowd is connecting with it already. Khaled thinks Jesse had his best performance. Diddy feels Jesse showed versatility, finally, but the song needed to be performed with some finesse.  “I don’t think the performance was great.” However, he still didn’t love Noah. He’s WRONG. Jesse is eliminated! Noah wins the challenge. The other contestants trash talk Noah, saying he’ll be knocked out after his first challenge.  Jesse quotes some rock n roll, “Here I go up on the stage…turn the page.” Diddy felt Jesse was limited. And about that, he is correct. 

Viewers reactions:

Emebet Girma OMG you are amazing. I am watching you from Washington DC

LesiaPhylesia Hunt He is bad !! Let him challenge

Shagayo D Whitley Omg I cried with this performance

Brandy Williams If they are too cocky diddy doesn't like that..and when they come out too quiet and nice he wants them to fight for it more! Dayum make ya mind up!

Rahima Ali I don’t understand why the show is still bringing people to compete. Diddy already made his mind up. Bring the finale

Tiffany Jones This man came to EAT!!!!! He was absolutely FLAWLESS. If they don't chose him for a seat, this show is rigged! You heard it here first!

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