The Four 2018 Season 2 Kateri Bluford vs Ali Rap Battle Performance

Kateri Blufold sings “I'm Getting Ready”.

Kateri Bluford – 23 – Milwaukee WI – I’m Getting Ready by Tasha Cobbs Leonard – She’s a gospel singer. She has struggled due to her weight. Her mom suffered from depression. Eventually, Kateri found her confidence. She’s a decent singer but she won’t beat Ali, the only singer left to challenge. There’s something about her tone…I don’t really care for it. Plus, she’s missing some fire. Meghan loves her confidence, sass and riffs. Diddy calls it “solid.” He’s not sure she’s ready to “eat.” Kateri makes her own case. Hm. Ali is gonna roll right over her. “Let’s battle,” Ali says. 3 blue rings Kateri will challenge Ali

Ali Caldwell –  Somebody Loves You Baby by Patti Labelle – Oh. Ali says the others are giving her the cold shoulder because she beat out Whitney. But she don’t care. And yep. Once again the producers sent a singer out to slaughter. Kateri is like a baby giraffe. And the Lioness is eating her. She flips her hair and casually walks back to her seat and proceeds to ignore James who offers a fist bump. OK THEN. 

Kateri Bluford – Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. Ali is delivering a very nice and earnest performance, but…nah. I’m sure she’s hit at church. But Ali is going to be really hard to beat. She’s a beast. 

Meghan thinks nobody picked Ali tonight, because she’s intimidating. She compliments Kateri’s carefully placed riffs. Khaled says Ali sounds mixed and masterd but Kateri is also incredible. Ali Caldwell Wins the Challenge, Kateri is Eliminated

Next week is the LAST for new challengers. The following week is “comeback week.” Fans can vote for their favorite eliminated artists on twitter. The week after THAT is the finale. 

Tonight: Former X Factor UK contestant James Graham, Hip Hop artist Sharaya J,  and  The Voicealum Ali Caldwell all defended their seats and will return NEXT week to face NEW challengers. However, rocker Jesse Kramer  was knocked out of the competition by blue eyed soul singer, Noah Barlass, who will be defending his seat next week alongside the rest of The Four.  

Viewers reactions:

Sabrina Diamond Jay I love Ali but is it me or has her diva-ish stank attitude starting to show a bit? Lol. I mean sis is Great but she ain’t been there but a minute and already been talking ish throughout the show….I mean we will see how this goes 

JLo's Journal This is bout to be one of the greatest challenges ever on the history of the Four…….let’s go girls eat eat eat eat eat ATE!

Rena Denise Dickerson Ok she need to take the seat because these on the seats seem to think she is a push over. The one thing she has on them is that anointing. It speaks for itself.

Tiffany Bracey Diddy needs to understand everybody wont be up there diddy bopping & hopping around

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