The Four 2018 Season 2 James Graham Sings On Bend Knee

That ending though! James Graham is securing his seat.

James Graham – On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men – James is defending his seat for the 4th week in a row.  He’s panicking a little bit about the song he’s been rehearsing. It hasn’t clicked yet.  Ha ha. I wasn’t sure about that song choice at first. But after a bit of slow start, James totally brought it. The performance was a slow burn, with James utilizing all his vocal tricks to great effect. That falsetto! He ended practically in tears. Meghan was melting the audience went crazy. Ronnie might as well turn around and head home now.

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Ronnie Smith Jr – Let Me Love You by Mario – Oooh. He looks a little scared. He’s a good singer. Very good in fact, but he’s not matching James passion. Not even a little. Her brings it on near the end. But still. In a singing competition, the singer with the biggest notes win. The end. 

Meghan liked Ronnie’s song choice, but says he doesn’t need dance moves for every single word.  She says James knows what he’s doing and always surprises her. Diddy doesn’t have time to play! He disagrees with Meghan. He thinks Ronnie grew with the second song. He wanted more emotion from James. WHAT. Wrong. JAMES CLEARLY won that challenge. And the audience knew it.  James Won the Challenge. Ronnie is Eliminated 

Khaled says The Four are holding on to their seats longer this season. No kidding. That’s not an accident considering the challengers are mostly cannon fodder. The producers want some fan favorites to stick around, obviously. 

Viewers reactions:

LesiaPhylesia Hunt James is a fav but he needs to step up his game. Ronnie was on his feet. James also needs to do a fast song ! We know he can do Ballard’s! Not sure if he should have won this challenge 

Vanessa Green James is my favorite contestant but this was not my favorite performance from him. Still rooting for him though.

Daisy Molina I said it from day ONE , he’s going all the way and win the whole thing , amazing James you killed it 

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