The Four 2018 Season 2 Alma Lake Performance Tonight

The Four 2018 Season 2 Alma Lake Performance Tonight

Alma Lake – 21 – Medellin Colombia – Exes and Ohs by Ellie King – “I’m a very spicy person!” she says. She’s the only musical one, call her family “basic.” Nice. She “models” in LA. Hm. Almas got a huge mop of red hair. Sharaya does not look amused. Actually, she is kind of annoying, talking in a nasally little voice and saying dumb stuff like “sleigh queen.” But then it turns out she’s really not a joke. She has a unique, raspy voice. She definitely does her own thing. Diddy thinks she’s has a “special thing.” Meghan doesn’t think she can beat the remaining 3 four. Khaled disagrees. He feels she’s comfortable on stage–unique and different. OH NO. A red ring! It was Meghan. I disagree with her. “She cannot beat anyone of our four now!” she insists. “I’m being real.” Alma was going to perform “Alive” by Sia. The audience and Khaled want to hear her sing! But Diddy says thems are the rules! Alma is eliminated.

Viewers reactions:

AlwaysReal Cade Meghan was so wrong on that one. As many times as they sided with you on your choices you could have given her a challenge 

Ana Cruz Silverio Ok I must say where did this come from! Her voice is unique but nah!!! Them 4 up there iz strong!!! Buh bye Ms. LA

Kristina Renee She was Good!!! But the audience gets it wrong too much!!

Good call on the judges! I have a feeling they will become more involved in final decisions.

Melissa Bledsoe Thank you judges for respecting Megan’s decision bc I think the girls unique but not able to beat the current 4 the guy before her had a better shot at winning

Lindsay Sewell What? Meghan that was wrong and a little salty. Come on man, you really think she wasn’t better than the four then she should have had a chance to prove she isn’t because what she just did was worthy of a challenge. Terrible choice. Terrible. That choice wasn’t based off her singing.

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