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The Five Fox News Today – February 28, 2018

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‪Breaking new developments in the Parkland shooting investigation. See more of Trump’s meeting with lawmakers on gun control.‬‬

Viewers reacted:

Lyle Leazenby With all this talk of more gun control, why don’t any of you verbal diarrheaists bring up reinstating stop and frisk. Haven’t heard about that for a long time. Might not of helped in the last school shooting but sure would help in Chicago.

Tom Rockford Someone tell Juan Williams that Disk’s stopped selling AR type firearms 5 years ago. Unless you want to buy golf baseball anf soccer equipment there is no reason to shop there. They are a lame excuse for a sporting goods store.

Betsy Beatty Younts I like the President’s 4 prong approach on keeping schools safe from mass murderer’s. Better backgound checks, making the age to 21 for sales of AR 15 weapons, a block on mentally ill people from buying guns and arming our schools. I believe all of these 4 things will help protect our kids. Thank for sharing your opinions. I loved his meeting today !

Joann Cichy Aiello Watching The Five on wednesday I was taken by the comment about Jeff Sessions…and it did hit me ..Why did Sessions except the position if he knew he was going recuse himself and then puts in place a guy who is involved with muller and the decea however that is spelled…Im sorry I have always had a feeling about Sessions …Never trusted him in this whole situation and how he has handled everything so far

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