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The Fiona Show : Fiona Fan Cam

Here are some of our favorite videos submitted by Fiona fans.

Fiona Fan Cam

Here are some of our favorite videos submitted by Fiona fans.

Người đăng: The Fiona Show vào Thứ tư, 17 Tháng 10, 2018


 Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo 

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Viewer reactions:

Shella Lelani This is awesome footage. This is part of why we need zoos. Just make sure that we meet ALL of their needs and give them ALL of them to make sure that they are happy in their new surroundings  

Renee Hillias We made a special stop on our road trip last year to see her. Here she is kissing her Mama.

fiona the hippo

Fiona and Bibi the Hippo

Patricia Enestvedt Its amazing how one little hippo born premature had and has brought the world together to see her progress. I wish we could have that much love in the world together.

Audrey Kvapil Love it – Love it – Love it!!! We all have been following Fiona from the beginning and this just brings so much joy and fills my heart with her and mom being silly and showing the fans how much they love us…LOL So precious. Thank you to those who put the video together and sharing with us

Kathleen Schoyer I watch the wildlife channels in National Geographic all the time and find it amazing that hippos can be extremely aggressive because they are very territorial. I think there's such interesting cute animals

Kellee Allen Wisenbarger I wish you guys could partner with Pandora Beads and get them to do a Fiona bead!! Maybe they could have some of the $ made go toward care of Fiona and BiBi

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