The Fiona Hippo Show Cincinnati Zoo

Episode 4 – More to Explore. Fiona begins reaching new milestones.

Episode 4 – More to Explore. Fiona begins reaching new milestones.

Người đăng: The Fiona Show vào 19 Tháng 9 2017

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Supportes reacted:

Gwen Sawyer These videos are so wonderful! What an amazing experience for her care givers. You guys rock! The love and care you provided so little Fiona could survive and thrive is heartwarming. An experience of a lifetime.

Glenda Brown Be proud “Team Fiona”…she’s amazing because of your efforts. Thank you for including us in this heart warming adventure.

Mandy Robinson Tuesday has become must see viewing for me…. every new Fiona episode so touches my heart Reliving the excitement the care team feels as our inspirational girl overcomes, and thrives navigating the depths of the outdoor exhibit is a beautiful sight to see Fiona truly is love personified, and I’m already anticipating the next new adventure

Louis McCluer I wish I could come see her, she is so adorable! All of you have every reason to be proud of her, you have done an awesome job in taking a premie Hippo, something few if any if done, from the point she touched the floor, so tiny and slippery, to this point. I live in Kansas, so I doubt I could ever afford to get there to see Fiona, but I will follow her as long as you keep posting on her. Congrats guys from this grandpa in KS!

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