The CA Wildcats America's Got Talent Best Performances

Texas Cheer Team CA Wildcats Soars High with AMAZING Routine! – America’s Got Talent 2020

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The CA Wildcats America’s Got Talent

The team is not in it to win the 1 million dollars. It would be nice but they aren’t shooting for an act in Vegas. They are simply wanting the world to finally recognize cheerleading as a sport.

It’s about time Competitive All-Star cheer made its debut on National TV, and Wild Cats are amazing! My son loved it when he did it and has gone on to cheer and compete in college.

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Sophia Kyllo The judges seem shocked  cheerleaders (no matter what level) do amazing stuff like this all the time and don’t get a lot of credit for it! I miss it so much and think it’s SO cool that this team came on a widely watched platform to let everyone know which SPORT is the best

Stella W. Moore Great job. It take a lot of practice to do these routines!! I would like to see the UK Wildcats compete with this group. UK being the University of Kentucky Wildcats cheer team! They have been #1 for years in cheer competition and are also fantastic!

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