America's Got Talent 2018 The Angel City Chorale Audition Performance

Angel City Chorale: Amazing Choir Earns Golden Buzzer From Olivia Munn – America’s Got Talent 2018

Over 100 members in this choir. Eh. I’m not crazy about choirs on this show. There’s usually some over the top backstory that brings them on the show. In this case, the director, Sue Fink, says the group want to bring all kinds of people together, or something.  After imitating thunder and lightning by snapping and slapping their thighs, they launch into a community choir worthy version of the 80’s song “Africa.” Zzzz.  Simon is clapping a long. For some unfathomable reason, he loves the choirs. Howie calls it amazing. Mel B. calls singing together “impactful.” Erm. Heidi loved it. Simon called it “magical…you’ve got a great combined energy.” – 4 yeses.

We start with a comic who says he is a “clean” comic because his dead mama would come down from heaven and kill him. Howie calls him the life of the party. A female comic charms the panel–Mel calling her witty and charming. A trio–brothers maybe? Do an act that passes. 


Los Angeles based chorale. Adults have day jobs, but have been brought together to sing. Time for the sad backstories. One dude has a stutter. That’s not the sad story–his 5 year old son passed away.  It’s another African influenced feel good tune. Simon loves these choirs. “You took me on a journey,” says Howie. Simon calls them “inspiring.” When it’s Olivia’s turn to talk she…hits her Golden Buzzer. REALLY? Ok then.  Even being a high school choir kid myself, I just DO NOT GET choirs advancing on talent shows. Sorry. Not feeling it. 

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