The American Idol Top 7 Perform the Music of Prince: Vote and Performances

The American Idol Top 7 Perform the Music of Prince

Tonight's show will have you on your feet with these classic Prince songs! American Idol is LIVE coast-to-coast at 8e|5p on ABC.

Cade Foehner

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Cade Foehner 

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Caleb Hutchinson

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 Catie Turner 

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Gabby Barrett 



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Jurnee Siani


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Michael Woodard 

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Viewers reactions:

Sophia Ruelo TAKE NOTE PEOPLE, there's gonna be 2 rounds: Round 1 — Tribute to Prince, Round 2 — Songs from Year of Birth !

Brandon Miller Purple Rain was the only song I was interested in hearing. Looks like I’m going to be skipping most of the performances again.

Jennifer Freeman Layman Cade Jungle Love???? Isn’t that Morris Day and the Time??? This is going to be interesting, I have faith in my boy tho. Go Cade!

Rick Barker Unreal all you people saying, better not ruin these songs..lmao..they have to sing them in their own voice, not try an sound like Prince himself! 
Caleb will do always..
Cade will do good also. 
I see Michael, Catie, and Jurnee leaving after this..

Glenda Ely I like Am.Idol but can't stand Prince! My favorite is Caleb but I also like Maddie and Gabby! Looks like the program has been renewed for another season.

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