The Voice 2018 Knockout – Terrence Cunningham: “Tell Me Something Good”

Terrence Cunningham The Voice 2018 Knockout

Prepare for your jaw to drop! Terrence Cunningham sings Rufus and Chaka Khan's "Tell Me Something Good" during knockouts.  

Terrence Cunningham sings Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" during live playoffs.

Terrence Cunningham sings Prince's "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" during live playoffs.

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Viewers reacted to Terrence Cunningham The Voice 2018 Knockout

Thomas Roberts For real??? This dude sitting up there with a pile of turds on his head singing Rufus. The freaking WORST thing I ever heard. Sounded like his nuts was in a vice.

Jerry Regan It's called the Voice because the show is about singing. It's NOT called "The Hairstyle." Get a life haters!

Renee Antoinette I'm not a fan of Terrence. He screams too much, or either he's too quiet. He looks like Tyler Perry's younger brother. Also, he needs to move around stage and perform. Not constantly be behind the keyboard. And for some reason, the donut in front is annoying and takes away from his face. But that's me. Again, I think Brynn for a 14yr old is much better. 100%

Theresa Knudtson The focus (cameras) need to stay on the performers, not the coaches standing up, dancing and drawing attention to themselves. Just saying

Sondra Robbins Well there is one thing for sure he will be remembered with that hair style and that super high pitched voice. Both are different but different is okay. However, I'm waiting for Sharane to appear and be really good!

Elaine Groom Not my cup of tea…..his high notes are like screaming to me and it hurts my ears. Obviously, Alicia and Kelly are not hearing what I am hearing

Rebecca Boomer I like him and think he’s talented but this wasn’t his best performance. The beginning I found very shaky . I enjoyed Christina’s better. I thought she won this one.

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