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Teen Beats Up His Emotional Support Dog & Shows Off Pictures Of Abuse To His GF

Miso had strangulation marks on his neck, along with 2 broken ribs, a broken pelvis and a broken tooth, among other injuries suggestive of long-term abuse.

Cops are now looking for Miso’s owner, a 19-year-old Grand Canyon Univeristy (GNU) student named Netzer Villagomez. If arrested, Netzer will be the first culprit to be booked under the newly passed law which makes animal cruelty a Class 5 Felony. Let’s spread the word and help the cops catch this shameless abuser.

Update: Cops have updated that Netzer was arrested following his confession to his crime. Netzer has shared the gruesome details about how he attempted to hang his dog by the collar at least twice. He apparently wanted to “snap the neck of the dog and cut the dog’s neck”. He would also beat the helpless dog on purpose every day, and share the disturbing pictures of the abuse with his girlfriend.

However, Netzer has defended himself by claiming that he is struggling with anger management issues. He has now been released on his own recognizance, and is due for a hearing at a later date. Meanwhile, reports say that Netzer has been expelled from GNU. As for Miso’s critical condition, the vets say that they are being “cautiously optimistic” and doing their best to save his life. Get well soon, Miso.

Click the video below to watch a report on Netzer’s arrest and Miso’s condition.

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