Zach D’Onofiro Performances at American Idol 2018 – US NEWS

Zach D’Onofiro Performances at American Idol 2018

Where did that voice come from ?

Zach D'Onofiro said:

This is just the start of my journey. First of all I just want to thank everyone who has watched and supported me throughout the show. I went into American Idol as a 16 year old sock-loving kid with very little experience on stage, and this being my first audition ever. I just wanted to show people what talent I thought I had. I kept getting called back and ended up singing in front of the celebrity judges, which said yes and from there it was on to Hollywood. Hollywood Week was the hardest week of my life.

zach donofrio Zach D'Onofiro

There were so many talented, experienced and just amazing people. I’ve made so many new friends that I love and will never forget. My journey did come to an end during this week and it has shown me to not give up. I will keep following this dream of mine to bring back this style of music to the world.

This experience has only motivated me and pushed me further. I left this journey as a 17 year old sock-loving kid with a lot more experience than when I began. I wouldn’t be up on that stage if it wasn’t for my Mom, Dad and Sister. They have supported me through everything and have motivated me to try out for American Idol again next year, with even more socks than before.

I’ve been picked on because of my voice, but this show has given me an even bigger voice to inspire you all to fulfill your dreams no matter what you sound like. You are unique. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something, and just believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you have already won.

I love you all and I hope you will stick with me through this long and bumpy ride, and one day I’ll be in concerts all over performing Jazz for the world to hear.

Zach D'Onofiro Croons Frank Sinatra Tune for His American Idol Audition

Zach D'Onofrio sings "Cry Me A River" by Michael Buble during Hollywood Week on American Idol.

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Viewers reacted:

Naomi Cartagena Gonna be an even more annoying season than all the priors. Ugh. The attention-seeking judges are obnoxious and the reason why I stopped watching years ago.

Ericka Johnson Lol that wasn’t expected!! Zach D'Onofiro sounds really good! He has a old school swag about him with a nice deep frank sinatra voice .. i enjoyed his audition!

Chrissy Zemanek I found his voice good I don't think that it's an American Idol type of voice that's more like a specialty, really love Team Zach D'Onofiro Shirt 

Allen Lankford I'm really not sure what the judges are thinking his voice has more maturity need it nice kid but I'm wondering if the judges are being less critical and plan to make more Cuts in Hollywood so far I think we need to raise the bar a little higher maybe the show will do that in the weeks to come

Layla South It bothers me that the judges find it more important to make a spectacle than to let the contestants finish their auditions.

Eden Knight This kid!!!! It takes talent to be able to hold that kind of song while dancing much less with a pretty celebrity. I was so impressed with him. love Zach D'Onofiro

Karen Lopez Wow and he said he's never auditioned before and a voice like that. Amazing talent this young man has. Signing an old classic as Frank Sinatra had me tapping my foot and my mouth just opened wide lol. He just needs to practice and pick another good song that fits his style and artist and he will be fine! Glad they brought this show back!

Marcus Logan Man this guy was so kind, gave off an innocent vibe, and was so respectful. Topped it off with talent! Not only is he talented, he is a strategist. He let all these beautiful qualities work for him. THIS is a different, mature kind of SWAG.

Greg Kopacz Kids' got chops. No doubt about it. I liked what Luke Bryan said in that he needs to slow it out a little and give it a little more want. He could be really good but needs a little formal training to get the vibrato down and this kid will be dropping panties faster than a gynecologist, want a Team Zach D'Onofiro Shirt 

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