Samuel Swanson Auditions for American Idol With Al Green Hit

Samuel Swanson auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green.


Carly Moffa Auditions for American Idol With Original Song

Brielle Rathbun Auditions for Idol With “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles

Michael J. Woodard Auditions for Idol With “Make It Rain” by Ed Sheeran

Viewers reacted:

Arianna bratton
I cringed when Lionel said "he" because I was very unsure if he/she was wanting to be known as she or he ?

So effortless and pristine. He didnt even go into falsetto for them high notes. Where you been man?

Shannon Marie
I don't watch the show, but I do enjoy these clips. I really like how these three judges are warm and more interactive with the ppl auditioning…

All he needs is a little coaching the voice has it now just an image that will get the vote.


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