Team Payton Taylor Shirt | She vs Taryn Coccia Audition American Idol

Payton Taylor & Taryn Coccia Audition at American Idol 2018

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Team Payton Taylor Shirt 

We were on the edge of our seats during this audition!

Taryn Coccia comes in to audition for American Idol in front of Judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry with her sister Payton Taylor. 

Here Are Some Of The TOP Talent Who Made It Through 'Groups Round

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Viewers reacted:

K Riley King Little sister looked like she wanted to claw big sister's eyes out

Lisa Murphey I think they voted them both through so there wouldn't be a knock down dragged out cat fight! Chick with the dark hair is scary!

Christina Maria I LOVE her outfit. Not so much the singing… And she's 17. She should look it!! Don't try to grow up so fast. The other sisters voice is pretty.

Diane Simpson Wouldn't that be crazy if this sister, that wasn't planning to audition…. ended up winning American Idol ! She's great actually and hope to join Team Payton Taylor Shirt  

KJ Samone This was not okay. Of all the things Katy perry has done on the show this is something that really upsets me. It’s was the little sisters time to shine. Being an older sister I️ know how my younger sister feels about stuff like this. So I️ really wanted to cry for her.

Elizabeth Haney I felt bad for her, her sister was there to SUPPORT her, and she was over shadowed. Glad that she made it through and her sister did have an amazing voice but now they have to compete against each other

Robin Renea Bernal I don't think either one sounds that great. They are good but not great. They sent home that one young girl i forgot her name she had a pretty sounding voice

Teresa Hughes I like the sister better.. and u can tell by her facial expressions she wasn't happy they asked her sister to sing .

Jessica Howard I am a mom of 3 daughters. What type of mother allows their 17 year old daughter to leave the house like that? She looks…that looks…well that’s too much for a 17 year old and want a Team Payton Taylor Shirt 

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