Noah Davis Sings “Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J at Hollywood Week

We feel this already

Noah Davis sings "Mamma Knows Best" by Jessie J, Milo Sposato sings "Jealous" by Labrinth and Julian Sposato sings "Love's In Need of Love Today" by Stevie Wonder during Hollywood Week on American Idol 2018.

Noah Davis Plays Piano to Rihanna's "Stay" for His Idol Audition

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Viewers reacted:

Misty Bustamante No no no no!!!!! No effin way was that weird girl beter than Zach!!!!! No!!!!!

Gayle Getty Cook Bring back the guy who just sang Michael Bubble’…are you guys deaf?
He was wonderful! Zach, BRING HIM BACK!

Ashlie Diard That just shocked me. Zach's voice is insane. I get it probably isn't mainstream enough but c'mon. I swear if Katy's dreamboat guy but not Zach goes through I'm going to lose it.

San Clark I don't like the show this season, because the judges put "everybody" through!! Its not a challenge. All of those kids CANNOT sing! But they get a thumbs up for trying.. JS

Angela Gunther Omg Can't believe they let Zack go!!!! Geeeeze don't know what the judges are looking for because he was definitely the best love Noah Davis 

Sara Eidel He’s is good I think they should bring Zak back though ! It would also. Put a nice twist. On the show.

Sarah Elizabeth Chapman Honestly I ship Catie and Zach lol they were cute. As lover i don’t know but as best friends yess

Ron Henderson I thought he was going to ask Lionel if the alpaca chased him All Night Long.

Denzel Denluvva Stapleton Am I the only one that noticed the difference in his voice when he sang? He went from “It’s raining men! Hallelujah!” to “It’s Mr. Steal Your Girl” real quick!

Michele Hayden

Googled WIG: 

It's a language that sometimes the kids and I speak, it's a little bit internet language," Katy told Jimmy. "But basically when somebody sings really well, and they SING, you know, they sing so well that the wig fly's off."

"Sometimes the glue isn't strong enough to hold the vibrations and the wig fly's all across the room.

April Lindsey Hammond You may remember winner Kris Allen? Well, he was from Arkansas too. I work with Noahs mom and he is a hoot! Making us proud here in Garland County!

Patricia Sunshine Wright This season is gonna be so good!!! Ive cried so much just from the interviews!! That moment with him and katy perry was everything lol wig……too funny!! And then the young lady (ragu) just had me crying….and i almost forgot the young lady with her little sister ….can't wait to see what happens with all of you!!! Excited!!

Anita van Baal Wow amazing what an beautiful voice, alpacas are on his way thats for sure, love Team Noah Davis Shirt 


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Noah Davis Sings “Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J at Hollywood Week

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