Mylon Shamble Auditions for American Idol With "Stand By Me"

Mylon Shamble Auditions for American Idol With “Stand By Me”

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Mylon Shamble auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie with "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King.

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Viewers reacted: 
Devin Sumer
i really love + appreciate the judges this year. they always help the contestants to be the best version of themselves 

She really made me a believer in the first few seconds. Loved the sound of her voice.

Jen W
The judges literally told her to sing it again and were dancing with golden tickets in their hands. That must of been such a great feeling for her lol I love the judges this year what a cute fun confidence boosting moment for her

Baki XB
I really really like her voice. 
I just wish she would have started it going all out. She was acting like she couldn't sing at the beginning. Humorous, I get it but don't do that. 
It was good though. 
Was it the best I've heard??? 
You gotta bring it. 
Its a competition you don't get a participation trophy on American Idol.

I think the best male cover of this song is David Arguleta but she's really good. Should've let her continue singing when the best part was coming.

Captain Teeko
That was so different but she made it work!

Alter Manfred
That skipping motion at 0:55 right – after Katy Perry says that its the best stand by me version she had heard!!!  If its not Mylon's sublime voice, this cute little action plus the trying to contain herself as she saw the golden ticket being flashed around as she finished her audition, so totally captivated me that it made me an immediate fan and love Team Mylon Shamble Shirt

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