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Maddie Zahm Brings Best Friend in for Her American Idol Audition

If you watch one thing today, let it be this 


Maddie Zahm auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with "New Rules" by Dua Lipa–and brings in her best friend for support!

Maddie Zahm FORGETS Her Lyrics But Makes An EPIC COMEBACK!

Maddie Zahm: The MOST INSPIRING Duo Audition Eve

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–>  Marcio Donaldson Auditions for American Idol with “Jealous” by Labrinth

Viewers reacted: 

Brittany Anne Bennett Garcia One day i know it one day!! My daughter who has autism can not talk at all! She just turned 5 last month! The only thing you can understand is her singing. She can sing word to word plain as day!!!! I have doctors look at me like im crazy! I have to show them videos of her singing word to word plain as day!!!!! How ever when it comes to talking she wont! I always say one day! One day she will be on American idol or the voice! One day she will be on a stage singing to millions! One day!

Leigh Clapp Omg this audition had me crying my eyes out. Her beautiful voice along with her unique ability to work with special ed kids proves what a fantastic woman she is. God bless her heart

Fabian Fitzpatrick This was indeed Maddies story but her Katy Perry loving sidekick Marcus was also a major focus ..and the fireworks going off in the room were explosive …and Katy handled it all with such grace and let their story be told….and that is why I'm loving this year's Judging panel…American Idol has heart again!

Diane Cusanelli Bruno First. If you take her backstory out of this, Maddie was still my absolute favorite singer that I have seen audition so far. If you include her backstory, she is my absolute favorite person and singer that I have seen so far (besides Marcus!). Music is so much more than stardom!! Congratulations Maddie!! Do wonderful things!

Chantel Case Jimenez I love everything about you Maddie Zahm! You are beautiful inside and out. You make Idaho proud! My niece, Isley has Down's and she loves music. People like you are a blessing to kids like her! You go girl

Jenny Kenes Melton The best AI moment ever, and I've been watching since season 1!!! Thank you for highlighting this audition! I cried the whole way through! Our son, Japheth has DS. He's 5 and has basically learned to talk through music. He sings all day long. I can't wait to watch her throughout her journey! Such an inspiration! 

Martha Venchus


We cannot wait to see you go far in this competition. We are rooting for you. My sister and I are so thankful for your message and so touched by the beautiful friendship you and Marcus share. Thank you for showing the world what incision truly means. 

As I like to say, it’s not downsyndrome it’s up-syndrome because the joy my sister creates, she lifts everyone up. 

You have an amazing voice, and have our vote !

Kari K. Binner I love how she pulled an instant lyric out of herself when she couldn't remember the words. I hope that she can do better next time though, love Team Maddie Zahm Shirt

Kristine Van Handel She did the right thing by adlibbing when she forgot the words. Even famous singers forget the words to their own songs that they have been performing for YEARS. As they say the show must go on.

Cari Schmitz This was nerve wrecking to watch at the end. I am so glade Marcio and Maddie got through!!! I love Marcio and Maddie and want a Team Maddie Zahm Shirt

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