Lionel Richie BREAKS DOWN Crying as Twins Are Separated From Each Other | Team Julian vs Milo Sposato Shirt

Lionel Richie BREAKS DOWN Crying as Twins Are Separated From Each Other

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Lionel Richie BREAKS DOWN Crying as Twins Are Separated From Each Other 

Twins Audition for American Idol With Bruno Mars Hit

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Viewers reacted:

Annette Learn If he keeps letting mamma decide…he's gonna decide himself right off that stage. Best come down a peg or two kiddo

Byron Umbles Milo is my least favorite! His mom is acting like a stage mom from Malibu Boo Hoo ! He’ll pack his bags week 3 because of the attitude without the talent.

Lisa Coram Long Parents shouldn’t be able to get involved. I realize she has to be there to chaperone but not input

Sherry Perkins Should yall rename this year's competition to "American Idol – High School Edition", where are all the grown ups?

Diane Boynton Corder Mom shouldn't have had anything to say!  if he can't do it without his mom's input he should go home.It definitely was not fair to the others and they should speak up and let the producers know how they feel.

Naomi Conover Uh..he was the least talented and that move makes him look like an entitled doooooosh. Parents should not be able to produce on a show that is supposed to be a level playing field. Let me tell you if they would allow me to run the show for my kid, I absolutely would. I don't really watch this show. Is he famous some way? Seems to be catered to.

Claire Barnet Vosburgh I know with pasts shows I pretty much agreed with the people they kept and let go. I can NOT believe the great singers they are letting go, and the people they are keeping? Makes no sense. Keeping little girls who you can barely hear and didn't know the words because she was 'cute' and let some of those great guys leave. I'm really disappointed.

Candace Taylor Landry The twins never should have gotten to Hollywood. Milo should have been voted off with his brother at least. Neither of them even have talent!


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