Team Jackie Verna Shirt | Jackie Verna Performances at The Voice 2018

Jackie Verna Performances at The Voice 2018

 The next winner of the Voice I believe will be Jackie Verna! And the next female country sensation. Adam Levine will help refine you Jackie into the star you will become, just as a jeweler shapes a Diamond! Work hard, trust God, and have a lot of fun with this incredible opportunity! You have my support Jackie, and God has a very special plan for your life!

Jackie Verna sings Kelsea Ballerini's "Peter Pan" during her blind audition.

Jackie Verna talks about why Emma Watson inspires her

The Voice 2018 Battle – Jackie Verna vs. Stephanie Skipper: "These Dreams"

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Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara (Cover by Jackie Verna)

Viewers reacted: 

WELL PEOPLE…. I thought the same as most at first, however, just listen again to the opening few seconds by JACKIE… it's a magical studio sound. The pitch is right on. I like both. Jackie is on my APP Team and so was Steph. It was close.

Denisse Ira Montes
Jackie's voice is really something, very solid. She's got a good voice control and was totally blown away from opening the song as smooth as that to stepping up the game at 1:56 to 2:02 job well done. And Stephanie made the battle even more exciting as she was not intimidated by her opponent, she got a surprise of her own. But still, i'd go for Jackie. Good battle!

Jordon Winn
Every time I thought one of them was doing better the other one would blow me away! They both did such a great job!

Adam does the same stupid mistake every season by putting two of his best performers against each other and then sending a potential winner home. Both are good performers but Stephanie should not have gone home. This battle reminded me of Adam sending Emily Luther home last year. He always picks the one he thinks can improve instead of the one that already has solid talent.

I really thought Stephanie was a sweetheart, but I don't know…it seems pretty obvious Jackie did better here to me. Her tone was clearer overall, and she displayed more control

Solene Haas Continue the good work and you may possibly get me paying attention in the near future as well, love Team Jackie Verna Shirt.


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