Harper Grace Performances At American Idol 2018

Sometimes when you ask the universe for what you want, the universe delivers

Harper Grace auditions for American Idol in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with a down-home original song called "Yard Sale."

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Viewers reacted:

Heather Nelson Put that song”YARD SALE” on the radio ASAP- what a catchy tune!!!

Lindsey Baugh Idk why people have to be so mean. I mean she was only 10, she had a lot of guts for going out and singing in front of so many people. It shows that come backs are possible and I applaud her.

Lorna Kathryn Wilks I want a copy of the song she wrote!

Leah Hicks Yard sale sounded a lot like Chainsaw from The Band Perry. Good lyric's, but it's already been done. She has also come a long way from her anthem preformance, but I'd say she still has a way's to go.

Mistianna Holcomb Barnes I absolutely loved Harper Grace’s song about Heartbreak Retail and “Having A Yard sale” she reminds me of a young Taylor Swift- incredible song writing skills and an incredible artist- a new country star for sure!

Nancy Jean Long Blah, blah, yak, yak,talk, talk…..Why do they have to talk Soo much!!. Can't we just listen to the singers and judge them?. Why do we have to know all about their lives?…

Alicia Russo I really like this girl! Very talented and impressive she should come back after bring so publicly humiliated by that star-spangled banner performance at such a pivotal age.

Becky Geistel-Glasgow Growth…..She's my fav! For those trashing her about the anthem…maybe the adults responsible for letting her sing should of been more responsible….can you imagine how the ugliness on social media could of ruined this kid? She didn't quit she came back better…She's already a winner

Devon Riveness WOW!!! I wanna listen to her song again and again. And big KUDOS to her for not giving up after such a public "fail" this girl's got perseverance! Already a favorite in our house.

Elizabeth Wright Landry She was a kid. She didnt let you haters stop her. I don't see any of you with her courage up their still trying. Its easy to sit on your couch and pass judgement on a kid. Jerks

Brenda Stultz I think people who discourage people from their dreams are heartless. She was 10. No one starts off on top. Just ask Bruno Marrs, love Team Harper Grace Shirt

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