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Gary Edwards Performances at the Voice 2018

Gary Edwards Music knows exactly "What's Going On!". 

Gary Edwards sings Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" during his blind audition.

Angel Bonilla battles Gary Edwards on "When You Believe

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Viewers reacted:

Rachel Starkey Oh wow my bf s name is Gary Edward s he sadly passed away on poppy day in November 2017 bless him cancer took my love life dear Gary to heaven bless rip baby cakes ) good luck to this American Gary may the gods be with you dude 

Tiffanie Beasley Very nice singing. He can SANG !!!. This song is so revalent to today. Infact, Marvin Gaye was definitely ahead of his time.

Jackie Gilliard Team Gary all the way! The one to take it. He made this song his own. Marvin would be proud of this rendition. Sing  Gary, you're on your way. Very happy for you.

Priscilla Esquivel Great vocalist and I love those faces Adam makes when he's into someones performance, just ordered 3 Team Gary Edwards Shirts

Taylor Westmoreland Blake pays more attention to what the other judges decide than the singers themselves
I think it’s so screwed up when  they montage a person not only once but two times… literally every Asian that tried out got montaged more than once.. and now it’s a transgender that got montaged two times than of course sent home… so basically the producers of this show  aren’t just racist against Asians but they’re also transphobic!! Nice
TJ Tampa
Was waiting so long to see Brett and what? These 2 great guys only sing 4 words each and that's all we get to see?  eh. This show going is nowhere fast.  Brett will be fine, doing great so far on his own anyway. Sorry I forget the other guy's name but he was great too in his audition, great performers and voices.

I never liked it when the Voice skipped over certain battles. I understand they have limited air times, but they still had a chance to show the battles that were skipped on Wensday instead of showing the behind the scenes action like they always do. It uneasecary and quite frankly rude to the artist who's performance were being skipped over. These battles did seem very intense and I would have loved to see all of them., love Team Gary Edwards Shirt .

–> Jackie Verna Performances at The Voice 2018

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