Drake Milligan Auditions for American Idol With George Strait Tune | Team Drake Milligan Shirt

Drake Milligan Auditions for American Idol With George Strait Tune

19 – Fort Worth TX – You Look So Good in Love by George Strait – He’s also a huge Elvis fan. He studied the singer and then began impersonating him. He’s won a few competitions. But his real calling is country music. The family business is scrap metal, but he’ not interested. Drake has not performed much as himself. But after his performance, Luke is relieved that he didn’t sound like Elvis. “

You are cowboy cool,” he says. Lionel calls “the whole thing a package.” Katy thinks he “scoops” too much. “It’s a bit froggy.” But she likes him too. His voice is generic, but soothing – 3 yeses

Drake Milligan auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie with "You Look So Good In Love" by George Strait.

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Viewers reacted to Drake Milligan Auditions

Kelly wow this is the most beautiful male voice (after darren criss lol) i have ever heard.

Naomi Higgins
He's so handsome and has such a great voice. He's definitely one of my favorites. Your voice is beautifully arousing tbh.. sorry that’s just how it was for me

This is going to be A very VERY tough season with ALL this talent

His voice is deep and warm.  He’s verified on Instagram with 9k followers.  He got a guitar.  Hollywood bound lol

Christina Marie
I follow him on IG! He actually played Elvis on a show called Sun Records that was actually about the discovery of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Jimmy Swaggart. I love the show, sadly it ended after one season. But this guy was AMAZING as Elvis! So glad to see him still making moves!

Amanda Paulson
He is an Elvis impersonator, googled him fount lots of videos of him singing as Elvis. and love Team Drake Milligan Shirt

John The only talent of the entire night.this has for sure been the shittiest auditions for American idol. Harper grace Layla spring Trevor holmes laine hardy and Drake are the only talents. And thank GOD this hot dude didn't sound a damn bit like fucking no talent shitvis


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