Team Crystal Alicea Shirt| Crystal Alicea Performances At American Idol 2018

Crystal Alicea Performances At American Idol 2018

Crystal can officially kiss the haters AND karaoke goodbye

Crystal Alicea auditions for American Idol with "Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith in front of Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Crystal Alicea, Lee Vasi, Britney Holmes and Gabbii Jones form a group called Don't Touch and perform "Me and My Broken Heart" by Rixton at Hollywood Week during American Idol 2018.

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Viewers reacted:

Wesley Weaver Y’all can’t tell me she doesn’t look like Britney…

Jubert Ivan Pongos Ong I love Katty Perry! She's such a good judge,she judges every contestants so well from their voices,talents,backstories and personality. American Idot got her right!

Gabrielle Ripka I dont remember any other judges faces looking so greasy. Makeup team..powder STAT!

Cassey Carver I feel like they should cancel American Idol again it's no good they're losing your touch. And they're just letting anybody go through she couldn't sing I'm sorry she might have been pretty but she could not sing.

Tanisha M Sanchez For All the people that bullied her can kick rocks!! She was awesome!

Erin So Unbothered Barksdale OK, so I’m really loving American Idol this year, but it seems as if they are pushing people through. Her voice was OK I believe if they work with her she’s going to be there for a little minute probably not to the 12 but yeah.

Amanda O'Quinn I'm sorry. She missed the mark. You going up against Sam Smith. You gotta compete with the nostalgia and talent., want a Officical Team Crystal Alicea Shirt

Muma Mubanga Honestly Idols southafrican is better than this. Americans can't sing! It's only those who ve' already made it can sing.

Renae Mills Alright somebody from my hometown for those that's right here in Polk County Florida winter Haven area this keep on voting and keep her going

Amanda Smith-Perry This girl has it all! 1st, her attitude & personality is amazing, 2nd her voice is amazingly awesome and she is great! 3rd, she is beautiful and has Confidence.

Ryan Coplen Love this girl. Great voice and a good personality. Somebody who seems familiar but different in a good way. She'll go far and love Officical Team Crystal Alicea Shirt


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