Carly Moffa Auditions for American Idol With Original Song |Team Carly Moffa Shirt

Carly Moffa Auditions for American Idol With Original Song

Carly Moffa Auditions

Carly Moffa auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with an original song called "I'd Let The Lion Out."

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Viewers reacted to Carly Moffa Auditions

Barbara Grant Crouch I thought of Florence and the machine before Katy said it

Priscilla Michelle Uresti I really liked this girl. So much charisma!!! But umm…. Did she repeatedly say she let the lion out to a hoe? Lol thats what i kept hearing. "I let the lion out hoe…"

Zac Hughes You guys are absolutely ridiculous. The three people who are judging are professionals at what they do. That’s the highest level you can get. This show is intended for raw talent. The fact she wrote her own song and performed it not only in front of millions at home, but three people who have a long list of accolades and awards takes a lot of courage. She isn’t perfect. But this show is to help people progress and grow as a person and an artist.

Terri DellaMaddalena I don’t think she will win but neither did Daughtery, kellie pickler, Mandisa, or so many others that went on to have shining careers. A lot of really beautiful talent this year. I hope they don’t try to make them all sound the same like past years . Let them be who they want.

Di Grü She has an amaziiing voice!! And she looks so pretty and also down to earth!! Wish her the best!

Lauri Russell Cute and quirky girl. Nice voice, but couldn't understand one word she sang!

Sophie Pack Lil Florence and the machine right here dayum shorty got pipes

Stephen Jones Totally love her voice. Unique.

Ashlyn Parker Nikki Parker WE NEED TO START WATCHING THIS AGAIN and love Team Carly Moffa Shirt


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