Caitlin Lucia Auditions for Idol With Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”

Katy Perry even said she sang it better than Katy Perry!

Caitlin Lucia auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with Katy Perry's own song, "I Kissed a Girl."

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Viewers reacted:

Angie Brooks I love American Idol – I just wish Katy Perry would stop acting like an immature person and show some professionalism. She is dragging Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan down. And she's getting paid how much???

Christopher John Lindsay LoBello American Idol is turning into a clown show I cannot believe the amount of bad people that you are letting into this competition The Voice has you outshined like you guys are embarrassing in Katy Perry is the poison

Anastacia Spears This is the best season . I love your voice. I haven't been this interested in American idol since Carrie Underwood. Gonna be a good season.

Kathy Baldasare I first heard Lionel sing in the 70’s with the Commodores and knew back then he was the best ! Just love 

Dylan Hadley Did amiela Presley Billy crunck and Bailey Eubanks make it to Hollywood because they went ahead and couldn't hear what they said

Melissa Manzana Love that she has a Jewel vibe about her voice

Lakeida Marie Finally someone who knows Lionel Richie has more songs than Hello!!!! Geez

Cindy Meadors You go girl!!!! We’re all going to say we knew before you were famous!!!

Robin Leigh Schlegel-Terry Alright yes she was good, but in ,OPINION, (yes everyone has one) these judges are just waaaaay to nice to most of this years talent….

Andrea Floyd Harris Great voice but why do women today wear skin tight outfits that show their camel toe? 

I got a Jewel vibe from her too.

Sydney Smith She is adorable! Love all the yellow. She has a great personality and a beautiful voice! Love her monogram on her shirt too

Tara Coleman-Bunton I personally didn't like it..but she still did a great job at making it her own. And giving it a go. I think a different song. I may feel differently. I'll have to wait and see and love Team Caitlin Lucia Shirt

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