The Voice 2018 Knockout – Britton Buchanan: “New York State of Mind”

The Knockout rounds end tonight (April 9) on The Voice Season 14 with coaches Adam Levine,Blake SheltonAlicia Keys and American Idol OG winner and newbie Kelly Clarkson.  Carson Daly returns as host.

By the end of tonight’s telecast, the Top 24 will be revealed before competing in next week’s LIVE Playoffs for a spot in the Top 12.

The Final Knockouts will be fought tonight!  Kelly is the only coach with one save and one steal left. Blake and Adam both have steals, it’s the biggest night of Knockouts!

Britton Buchanan sings Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" during knockouts.

Is it just us or does he sound WAY older than 18?

Britton is up first.  He starts at the piano, very strong voice yet has a tenderness to it.  After the first verse he leaves the piano, he’s walking the stage and doing some ad-libs of yeahs.  He was better at the piano.  He ends at the mic stand.  Nice performance.  Adam says he loved that.

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Viewers reacted to 

Sarah Berry He was good. Dallas is cute as a bug but she absolutely butchered that song, it was bad

Paul Bayless The judges do a disservice to the contestants and the show when they compliment a terrible performance instead of offering constructive criticism.

Erik Delka They need Simon Cowell on this show to be straight forward with these singers. He was good but Dallas sounded horrid

Layla Walsh Britton is sooooo good I'm really glad Alicia went with him and not Dallas .they're both really talented but Dallas had way too many breaks in her voice in that song IT WAS BAD I'm sorry it just was Alicia made the right choice going with Briton

Cristina Bacigalupi I'm sorry , Dallas is cute but she's not ready for this show. I dont know how they let her through and the judges are doing her an injustice by not giving her constructive criticism.

Michael Lunny With the exception of a few, 2018 contestants are pretty equal. It's anyone contest to win. But my bet is on Welkie!

Jana Masnica-Parker I love watching all these contestants but I would like to see their eyes. Alot of them keep their eyes closed and their is no music communication with the crowd

Becky Poston This wasn't his best performance. It was better than Dallas. He needs to have a "wow" performance next time.

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