Austin Giorgio Performances at The Voice 2018

“How Sweet It Is” to hear Austin Giorgio croon!

Austin Giorgio sings Michael Bublé’s “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)” during his blind audition.

 Austin Giorgio battles Brett Hunter on “Me and Mrs. Jones

The Voice 2018 Knockout – Austin Giorgio – ‘Almost Like Being in Love’

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Viewers reacted:

Courtany Amborn I thought he was terrible. Literally almost all the contestants are horrible this season . So upset because I love the comradery between the coaches!

Eric Valens If you have something to say then go on the show and sing cause apparently you don’t appreciate their voice and who are you all to judge Judy?

Shannen Leigh Tressel I have not heard a good singer on this show for the last idk 3-4 seasons. Pitiful.

Kelly Callahan The Judges are so “busy” and noisy during these contestants auditions, that it takes too much focus away from these vocalists. With that said, I love all of the judges.

Caroline Fornuto For all those who say he is cocky or full of himself, he is probably one of the sweetest and most humble human beings you would ever be lucky enough to meet. Here’s the problem with this world- People like you all, who judge someone without knowing anything about them. I feel sorry for all of you. It must be such a sad life to live judging people you’ve never met. How about we choose love and encouragement? The world would be a better place 

Dev Aaron M Lets be honest this young guy can sing but has no lane he doesn’t know who he his yet he is just copying bubble and all the movements and swag to a tee.. monkey’s and karaoke people do this fine but realistically we have a bubble already record companies want new and fresh and unique…mimicking your hero is not wise on any level. they want to know who “you” are

Joyce Skelton They are all new so give them all a chance with a,little more voice control with there coaches and some Wil stay some will go, but I wish all of them good luck with the coaches. But Blake Shelton has a good ear for the tone of there voice. That’s why I like Blake some needs,to be more careful of the songs they sing for there voice. Just saying

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